Live With Kelly: Christina Hendricks “Mad Men” Interview


Christina Hendricks: Modeling Career

Kelly and Chris welcomed their first guest, Christina Hendricks, who had never been to the show before. Christina stars as Joan Holloway on the massively popular and critically acclaimed AMC show, “Mad Men.” When she first came out, Kelly stood next to Christina, marking the obvious differences in their physiques: while Christina is tall, womanly and voluptuous, Kelly is short, thin and athletic. Both beautiful of course, but Kelly joked, “sometimes people get extra, and sometimes people get less,” which got a big laugh from the audience. She also added, “my husband asked me to rest my head on your bosom.”

Like many beautiful actresses, Christina started her career as a model. She talked about her beginnings in Virginia, and what a shock it was to move to New York City as a young girl. She lived in a small apartment with tons of other models; she explained that this is very common for young models, whose agencies set them up with their living situations. Kelly wanted to know if there was one model in particular who was a terrible roommate. While she didn’t name any names, Christina said that there was one girl who would always steal underwear, and constantly kept her burning incense next to Christina’s food. Christina would go to take a bite of a sandwich, but instead get the taste of incense flavored bread.


Christina Hendricks is not a Natural Red-Head

Chris pointed out that, although she is known for being the quintessential sexy red-head, Christina Hendricks is actually a natural blonde. Christina said that she “had been faking it since she was quite young,” and of course although she meant her hair color, everyone’s minds went straight to the gutter. She claimed that she first wanted red hair as a young girl, when she became obsessed with the book Anne of Green Gables. Kelly said that she visited Anne of Green Gables-land, in Prince Edward Island, Canada, and showed a funny picture of herself dressed up and in a wig with red pigtails. When Chris said that he had no idea what they were talking about, Christina and Kelly agreed that it was a “girl thing.”

Live With Kelly Christina Hendricks "Mad Men" Interview

Live With Kelly Christina Hendricks "Mad Men" Interview (Image Credit: Helga Esteb /

Christina Hendricks: Joan Holloway on “Mad Men”

Kelly, Chris and Christina then watched a clip from last week’s episode of “Mad Men.” Christina has been starring as Joan Holloway, the secretary at Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce, since 2007. She has also been nominated twice for a Best Supporting Actress Emmy Award for her role. In the clip, her character Joan is discussing a fellow employee at the company with Elisabeth Moss’s character, Peggy Olson. Christina said that playing Joan is her dream job, and she loves being on the show.


Christina Hendricks’ “Mad Men” Wardrobe

Kelly then asked Christina if she loved all of the great costumes that Joan wears on the show. Christina responded that it depends: since they love to make her costumes “real snug,” as she put it, sometimes she can barely move and can’t even walk up the steps to her trailer. She revealed that there are some really great episodes left in the fifth season, which will be airing its tenth episode this week. A lot of exciting things happen as the season comes to a conclusion.

Christina said that she won’t start shooting the next season until October. They used to shoot in the summers, but now they start in the fall. She said that she likes it better this way, because this way she gets the summers off to spend time with her husband.

The next episode of “Mad Men” will air this Sunday night on AMC at 10 PM.



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