Billy Bob Thornton “The Billy Bob Tapes” Review on Live With Kelly


Live With Kelly: Billy Bob Thornton was a Bad Student

Actor Billy Bob Thornton visited Live With Kelly to discuss The Billy Bob Tapes.  He came out to greet Kelly and Chris carrying a small package of wipes, because he didn’t have time to put them back in his pocket after he had his mic put in. Kelly joked that he could place them next to his complimentary vodka tonic. Chris complimented his tan, snake-skin boots.

Since it’s Top Teacher Week on Live With Kelly, Kelly asked Billy Bob what kind of student he was in school. Billy Bob, who grew up in Arkansas, said that he was not a good one. He struggled with dyslexia and ADD, but said that at the time, there was no help for students like him, and he was simply regarded as an “idiot.” Reading was difficult for him, and still is to this day. However, he is a prolific writer, and writing is much easier because it simply comes out of his head.


Billy Bob Thornton: The Billy Bob Tapes Fears & Phobias

Billy Bob Thornton Angelina Jolie

The Billy Bob Tapes has a foreword by Angelina Jolie. (Image Credit: Featureflash /

Billy Bob was promoting his new book, called The Billy Bob Tapes: A Cave Full of Ghosts. It was written in the style of stream of consciousness, and discusses many topics including his childhood and his biggest fears. Although Billy Bob said that the media typically exaggerates his many fears, they are very quirky. Among others, his biggest fears include kimono dragons, old, dusty things, and fancy silverware. For example, he cannot eat while watching a silent movie from the 1920s, because he will most likely see old, dusty drapes. He said that he refuses to eat with “rich people” silverware, because they are more like garden tools.

The Billy Bob Tapes Foreword by Angelina Jolie

The foreword to The Billy Bob Tapes was written by Billy Bob’s famous ex-wife, Angelina Jolie. Chris pointed out that you can tell through her writing the love and respect that she still has for her ex.


In the foreword, she calls him a “hillbilly Orson Welles,” and applauds his creativity. Billy Bob admitted that he has a lot of writing hidden away, and maybe one day he will decide to share it with people. He also said that he was reluctant to write his book, because he did not want to write a typical, gossip-filled celebrity memoir.

It was his co-author, Kinky Friedman, who convinced him that it was a good idea. Inside of the book are also many more stories, including times when he almost starved from poverty. Kelly said that most now-famous people have experienced this at some point in their lives, and that the “starving artist” cliche` is actually quite true.


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