Live With Kelly: Susie Williams Date Night Makeover


Live With Kelly: Date Night Makeover

This week on “Live With Kelly,” we met Kim and Katie, who both received amazing makeovers as a part of the Date Night Makeover series.  During the segment, “Live” viewers who wrote into the show asking to be made over will be given a whole new look and a night out on the town with their significant others. Date Night Makeover Week continued on “Live With Kelly” July 11 with Susie Williams of New York.

Date Night Makeover

Susie and Andre Williams received an exciting night out as a part of "Live" Date Night Makeovers


Live With Kelly: Susie Williams’ Big Reveal

Susie Williams is an elementary school teacher and administrative intern from New York. She has been married to her husband Andre, an NYPD detective, for seventeen years. The couple have two children– an eight-year-old and a five-year-old– and are so busy with their careers that they hardly see each other. Susie said that sometimes, the most she says to her husband is “‘Hi’ and ‘Bye!'” That’s why Susie and Andre were in desperate need for a fantastic night out.

Susie’s handsome husband Andre was waiting in the wings to see his wife’s big reveal. But before Susie came out, stylist Lawrence Zarian described her makeover. An astonishing twenty inches was cut from Susie’s hair, which took eight hours in the hair salon! Her makeup was done featuring a sultry eye and a nude lip. Susie’s lovely, flowy dress was provided by Macy’s.

When it came time for Susie to make her big entrance, she simply blew everyone away. She really did look like a supermodel! Andre was shocked and loved his wife’s new look.


Kelly described the exciting night ahead for the couple: a romantic dinner under the Brooklyn Bridge at The River Cafe, and then catching the Tony Award-winning play Porgy & Bess afterwards. Tune in tomorrow, when Date Night Makeovers continue with another great couple.


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