Live With Kelly: Prom Fashions


Amy Astley: Teen Vogue Prom Trends

For the next segment, Kelly appeared in a hilariously pink and poofy dress which can only mean one thing: it’s prom season! She welcomed Amy Astley, Editor-in-Chief of Teen Vogue, to show off some great prom trends that girls can use this season.

Amy said that at Teen Vogue, they like prom trends that are affordable, flattering for many body types, and appropriate to wear to a school event. Don’t forget– you’ll still be around your teachers! Many schools are enforcing prom dress codes, because girls are wearing too many cut-outs or too much cleavage. As Kelly reminded, “too much of anything is not a good thing.”


Teen Vogue 2012 Prom Fashion Trends: Live With Kelly

2012 Prom Fashion trends, including sparkles, neon & vintage, were featured by Teen Vogue's Amy Astley in a Live With Kelly fashion show.

Kelly, Amy, and also Jesse, who acted as escort, watched a fashion show where girls showed off some of the looks. Here are some of the best trends to try out for prom!

Prom Fashion: Sparkles

The first dress was a floor-length, simple black dress but covered in head-to-toe sparkles. It was only $60 from JCPenney. This trend is great because the dress provides the whole look; it is so sparkly that you don’t need any accessories.


Prom Fashion: Neon

Neon is a super popular trend in all facets of fashion right now. The next look was a shorter dress with black and hot pink stripes. The short length made it easy to be able to wear again.

Prom Fashion: 50s Shape

The 50s Shape dress, strapless with a full skirt, is an elegant and classic trend that never goes out of style (think a young Elizabeth Taylor). The next dress was white and was $78 dollars from Unique Vintage. A hot pink purse added a modern touch to the look.

Prom Fashion: Short and Black

The little black dress– or LBD– is another trend that never goes out of style. The next dress was short and black with a feathered bottom, which is so easy to wear again to almost any event.

Prom Fashion: Princess Dress

The next dress was a simple and elegant strapless floor-length in a muted lavender color. This look is something that will appear timeless in your prom photos– you’ll look just like a princess!

For more information on all of these great looks, check out the Live site!


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