Live With Kelly: Marissa Silverman Date Night Makeover


Live With Kelly: Date Night Makeover

This week on “Live With Kelly,” we’ve met KimKatie, and Susie, who all received amazing makeovers as a part of the Date Night Makeover series.  As a part of the exciting segment, “Live” viewers who wrote into the show asking to be made over will be given a whole new look and a night out on the town with their significant others. Date Night Makeover Week continued on “Live With Kelly” July 12 with Marissa Silverman and her husband Jeff from Pennsylvania.

Date Night Makeover: Marissa Silverman’s Big Reveal

Cirque Du Soleil: Live With Kelly Date Night

Jeff and Marissa' Date Night Makeover included a trip to see Cirque du Soleil perform "Zarkana." (Randy Miramontez /


Marissa Silverman and her husband, Jeff, have been married for seven years, and dated seven years before that. They have two children, a dog, and cat. Marissa explained that they have a great marriage, but it’s hard to spend quality time together because of their busy schedules. She wanted a night that would let her “look as young as she feels.”

Jeff waited, blindfolded, for his wife’s big reveal as stylist Lawrence Zarian came out. Marissa came sauntering out, looking great and feeling even more confident. Seth told her she looked beautiful, and she replied, “I know!”

Lawrence explained that they chopped off a lot of Marissa’s hair, and gave her layers and painted highlights in order to frame her face. Her look was completed by simple makeup and a bold, sequined gold dress. Marissa said that she felt like a movie star. When Jeff saw her, he definitely agreed!


Kelly revealed that Jeff and Marissa’s date night was to included dinner at Del Frisco’s Steak House. Then, the couple were jetting off to Radio City Music Hall to catch the Zarkana show by circus troupe Cirque du Soleil. Kelly was jealous and wanted to tag along as the third wheel!

Tune in on “Live with Kelly” July 13 to see one last makeover as Date Night Makeover week concludes.


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