Live! New You in New York Makeover Jillian Hamilton from San Francisco


Live! New You In New York Makeover Week: Jillian Hamilton

New You in New York Makeover Week is continuing and the next mother to be chosen to get a makeover was Jillian Hamilton from San Francisco, California.

Her mother wrote in to Kelly and Michael telling them her daughter was in desperate need of a makeover. She is the new mother of a three-month-old baby and although she is the best new mother in California, she is constantly knee deep in dirty laundry, baby bottles and a messy house. Her daughter is always exhausted and it is starting to show. Hamilton’s mother said she knows her daughter wants to get away from the mommy uniform of sweatpants, a ponytail and no makeup.


Live! New You in New York Makeover Jillian Hamilton from San Francisco

The next mother to get a makeover during Live!’s New You in New York Makeover week was Jillian Hamilton from San Francisco, California.

Lawrence Zarian heard the call for help and invited Hamilton to get to New York for a makeover.

Jillian Hamilton Makeover On Live!

Before the makeover was done, Hamilton told Zarian having a baby was the best thing to ever happen to her but she feels like she is in a cocoon. With her maternity leave from her job at Facebook ending soon, Hamilton said she wants to be able to go out with her husband one last time before she has to go back to be a working mother.


Well, Zarian made her wish come true. If her child is watching from home, there is no way her baby had any clue his mother was on TV. She looked completely different from her before picture.

Zarian said they chopped off about eight inches of brown hair and then added blonde highlights throughout and painted brighter pieces to frame the face. For the makeup, Zarian gave her a smokey eye combined with a nude lip. Finally, he dressed her in a tight blue and black dress from Macy’s and reminded everyone in the audience shapewear is your friend.

“I’m wearing Spanx right now,” Zarian said.

Before the segment ended, Kelly reminded Hamilton that she can still get pregnant when she is nursing. I guess she figured Hamilton looked so good after the makeover, it was going to be hard for her husband to keep his hands to himself.


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