Live! New You in New York Makeover for Nurse, Jennifer Quintanilla


Live! New You In New York Makeover: Jennifer Quintanilla

If you saw the first New You in New York Makeover then you know this next one has a lot to live up to.

Jennifer Quintanilla, an operating room scrub nurse, said she really wanted a makeover because she practically lives in her scrubs and she really wanted to do something new with her hair. Kelly and Michael were ready to give her the makeover she deserved. For the record, Kelly said she loved Jennifer’s full-bodied hair but she was wiling to give Jennifer what she wanted if she wanted to cut it off. Thankfully, Lawrence Zarian said they didn’t cut it off. They simply reshaped her hair.


Live! New You in New York Makeover for Nurse, Jennifer Quintanilla

Kelly and Michael invited Jennifer Quintanilla to be the next makeover for the New You in New York Makeover segment and she truly deserved it.

Before Jennifer came out from backstage, Zarian rolled out a red carpet for her because while they were doing her makeover she told him she was a girl from Brooklyn and nothing like this ever happens to those kinds of people. She said she had always wanted to be able to walk down the red carpet like a celebrity so he made it happen for her.

When Jennifer came out, she looked amazing. Zarian said they took her hair and dyed it with a vibrant red color. Next, they used some copper highlights to add dimension to the hair. Finally, they reshaped her hair and added long layers to add more body.


For her makeup, Zarian went with a retro-glam look. He gave her some small, fake eyelashes and red lipstick and dressed her in a black dress with a black shrug. He said it is going to be the perfect dress for all the Communions Jennifer has to go to this year.

Jennifer Quintanilla Given a Makeover After Bladder Cancer Diagnosis

Jennifer said the makeover came at the perfect time in her life. A few Fridays ago she was diagnosed with bladder cancer and the following Monday she was invited to be on Live! She said that phone call made her forget about her cancer for a little while and gave her something to distract her.

“You truly made my life amazing,” she said.

No Pants Surgery

Quintanilla had to laugh about her bladder surgery on Live! though. She said while she was having surgery to remove her cancer, the doctor performing the surgery lost her pants during the operation but didn’t have time to pick them up so she continued operating with her pants on the floor.

As long as Jennifer Quintanilla is able to beat cancer, I doubt she cares if the doctor performed the surgery naked.


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