Kelly & Michael: Old Hollywood Red Carpet Glamour + Modern Style


Kelly & Michael: Old Hollywood Red Carpet Glamour

For the past 85 years, stars have been dressing up for the red carpet at the Academy Awards. Kelly & Michael looked back at some iconic fashions from throughout the decades. Fashion experts Isaac Mizrahi and Joan Rivers shared their opinions as well.

Isaac Mizrahi reflected on Barbra Streisand’s “sailor pajama” outfit, which was considered racy at the time. Joan Rivers recalled Elizabeth Taylor, at which point she aspired to “sleeping with Richard Burton and wearing jewelry.” Kelly Ripa flashed back to Cher’s bare navel in a Bob Mackie gown and headdress. “We’re starting to catch up with Cher,” Mizrahi said.


Kelly & Michael: Old Hollywood Red Carpet Glamour + Modern Style

Fashion experts Isaac Mizrahi and Joan Rivers offered opinions, along with Kelly Ripa, about the best and worst red carpet moments in Oscar history.

Carrie Fisher and Martin Short once wore the same dress onstage, which created an award moment. Kelly said that Helena Bonham Carter rocks her own style at the awards. Mizrahi said that the smart stars make their own decisions about what to wear, and they don’t listen to their stylists.

Kelly and Michael: Modern Red Carpet Style

Rivers loved the year Meryl Streep wore a gold dress, which she said everyone agreed looked great. Kelly praised Sandra Bullock’s red carpet style. Rivers said she is consistently well-dressed. Then there is Zoe Saldana, a former ballet dancer who knows how to bring a look together. Five-time nominee Amy Adams looks great as well, and a Mizrahi favorite was the dress Jennifer Lawrence tripped over in 2013.


Charlize Theron is glamorous, according to Kelly, and she ushered in a discussion of old Hollywood, and Mizrahi said the stakes were lower in the early years, when there was less focus on who was wearing what. He said that many of the dresses back in the day came from studio wardrobe departments.

Kelly & Michael: Kelly Ripa Red Carpet

Oscar glamour has evolved, but Joan Rivers said she has become more worried about the growing trend of not wearing underwear. Kelly credited Joan with changing the conversation on the red carpet, and Mizrahi said that fashion has become more known and is now watched like a sport.

The goal is to make an impression on the red carpet, and Kelly said she has yet to decide what she will wear, but Joan and Isaac both agreed that she will look wonderful. You can get Joan’s full recap of the weekend on her Fashion Police special, Monday, March 3 on E!


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