Kelly & Michael: Lori Bergamotto NY Fashion Week Spring 2013 Trends


Lori Bergamotto: Spring 2013 Trends

Unfortunately, we can’t all sit front row at New York Fashion Week. That’s why Lucky Magazine style contributor Lori Bergamotto joined Kelly & Michael to show off the freshest spring trends, bringing them straight from the runway into our homes. Take a look at some of Lori’s top picks for Spring 2013 trends. They’re the fashions, jewelry, and accessories you’ll be wanting to get your hands on in the coming months.

2013 Fashion: Florals & Lace

Kelly & Michael: Lori Bergamotto NY Fashion Week Spring 2013 Trends

Lori Bergamotto shared Spring 2013 trends from New York Fashion Week, including bright, colorful bangles.


Florals and lace are two ultra-feminine trends that were featured in many fashion week collections. Instead of boring black and white, try them in bright, bold colors. Dresses are a popular choice for florals and lace, but you can also sport bright floral bags, phone cases, and even sneakers. Affordable retailers like Target are great places to go for this trend.

Fashion Week: Lucite Trend

Clear lucite is popular for both shoes and accessories. Lori showed off a very cool lucite bag that Kelly said her daughter would adore. Plus, since everyone can see your stuff, it “forces you to not be a slob.”

Fashion 2013: Pink Lipstick

As far as makeup goes, bright pink lips are replacing the classic bold, red lip. The key to pulling off this trend is to look at the color of your gums, then choose your pink staying in that color family.


New York Fashion Week: Bangles

Update your jewelry box with colorful, inexpensive arm candy. The look for spring is layer upon layer of loose, bright bangles. Swarovski makes a studded lucite bangle that fits the bill nicely.

Fashion Week: Male Trends

Michael wasn’t left out, because Lori also touched upon popular male trends. Gentlemanly bow ties are all the rage, which is perfect for Kelly’s son Joaquin, because he loves wearing bow ties. Meggings– which are male leggings– are also coming into fashion, as well as military style jackets. Michael tried on a great one available at TopShop.



  1. Liza says

    This was a great recap and I have to say, I stumbled upon it because I just saw Lori on The Today Show yesterday and she wore this same dress and I am DYING to know who the designer is and where I can buy it!! The lilac and fresh flower look with that pop of black and white stripe at the bottom is the perfect spring look and I must get it!! Can you help?! Thanks!

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