Kate Hudson Versace, Jennifer Lawrence Dior & David August Tuxes


Kelly and Michael: 2014 Oscar Fashions

Kelly & Michael said they loved what people were wearing on the red carpet at the 2014 Academy Awards. But to get an expert perspective, they put together a panel including Lawrence Zarian, Maria Menounos, and Carson Kressley to weigh in on the night’s biggest beauties and blunders.

Kelly & Michael: Kate Hudson Versace + Jennifer Lawrence Dior

Kate Hudson Versace, Jennifer Lawrence Dior & David August Tuxes

David August tuxes were one outside the box fashion choice for men like Michael Strahan on the 2014 Oscars red carpet. Fashion experts shared their faves.


The panel was well-dressed, especially for 6 a.m. Carson went first, agreeing with Kelly and Michael that there were not really any big misses this year. He called out Lupita Nyong’o’s icy blue pleated Prada dress. “Everything worked and it was just ethereal and gorgeous,” he said. He also liked Kate Hudson’s Versace glamour and Jennifer Lawrence’s red Dior peplum dress with a backwards necklace.

Kelly and Michael: Angelina Jolie Dresses & Sandra Bullock Alexander McQueen

Maria Menounos from Extra took her turn next, putting Angelina Jolie at the top of her list. She also agreed about Kate Hudson’s “incredible” look. Kelly Ripa revealed that Jolie changed dresses for the after party, and her second dress looked great as well. Menounos also praised Sandra Bullock’s fashion choice for the big event.

Kelly & Michael: David August Tux + Cate Blanchett Dress

Lawrence Zarian rounded out the fashion panel with some choices of his own. “Cate Blanchett crushed it,” he said of her elegant crystals. Bullock also made his list, with her Alexander McQueen dress. Finally, he cast a vote for Nyong’o as well, with a perfect Prada gown.


What about men’s fashion trends? The white tux was in this year, and Kressley said that men are taking more chances and getting out of the traditional black and white tux mold. Michael Strahan wore a David August merlot tux.

“It was nice to see men take a departure away from just the basic black,” Zarian agreed. For some reason, Pharrell wore shorts and no socks. Did you have a favorite look from this year’s big night in Hollywood?

Look As Young As You Feel Winner

From the Dolby Theatre audience, Live’s Look As Young As You Feel Makeover winner, Brenda Gold, was enjoying the show. Clairol and Pantene’s Expert Collection got another plug as being responsible for making people look 10 years younger. Do you know anyone who has tried the products?


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