Valentine’s Day for Kids, Polar Bears Club & Snow in 49 States


Kelly & Michael: End Winter Now Hawaii

The final day of End Winter Now Week coincided with Valentine’s Day, and the summery backdrop for the show was Hawaii. Meanwhile, outside in New York, it’s snowy and sludgy. Kelly is afraid of ruining her nice clothes. Kelly tweeted a photo of a gigantic pile of Snit, which had plenty of garage mixed in.

The hosts exchanged a chaste peck for Valentine’s Day, and Michael presented his “work wife Valentine” with a bouquet of roses, which sort of matched the highlights in her hair. Kelly helped her youngest son with a Valentine’s project that got out of control and took most of the week to complete. Hopefully, the classmates appreciate the effort.


Kelly and Michael: Valentine’s Day for Kids

Valentine's Day for Kids, Polar Bears Club & Snow in 49 States

There was snow in 49 out of 50 states this week, with only Florida holding out. Kelly & Michael reported that all 50 states had snow in February 2010.

Who receives the most Valentines? Kelly Ripa guessed that children would be the biggest recipients, because it is a kids’ holiday. She thought that people in relationships already have that locked down, and it could just make single people feel left out.

Michael Strahan said that he thinks Valentine’s Day has gotten out of control, and the gifts are becoming more expensive than ever. He said that his biggest expense is jewelry, especially when he makes a panicked purchase at the last minute.


Kelly & Michael: Valentine Customer Service

He wondered whether a woman would be satisfied with flowers. “This is beyond extravagant and more than generous and I am embarrassed,” she said. I think Kelly is a cheap date, which I respect. Michael said Valentine’s Day should be more about what’s in your heart, and the intention behind the sentiments rather than showy gifts.

Michael said he did send teddy bears and flowers to his twin daughters. But he had trouble ordering his gifts over the phone, and he was repeatedly placed on hold. Kelly said next time she can help him out, because she has infinite patience and experience when it comes to dealing with customer service reps over the phone.

Kelly and Michael: Polar Bears Club

You could always take your Valentine for a bare jump in the snow as a member of the Polar Bears Club. I don’t think I would want to expose that much skin, because who wants frostbite? A viewer sent in a tweet of herself making a snow angel in her swimsuit, which also seems like a very cold proposition.

Kelly Ripa said that swimsuit models prefer to be cold, because it contracts everything and keeps it tight and firm, which Michael said would not be what a male model might be going for.

Kelly & Michael: Snow in 49 States

There is currently snow in 49 out of 50 states, and even in Hawaii’s mountains. The one state that is snow-free is Florida. That is resounding evidence that End Winter Now has failed. Michael wondered whether all 50 states have ever had snow at the same time. After some quick research, Michael Gelman said that on Valentine’s Day 2010, there was snow accumulation in all 50 states.


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