National Margarita Day, Joaquin Consuelos Birthday & Dead Yourself App


Kelly and Michael: Joaquin Consuelos Birthday

Kelly Ripa said she and her family are getting ready for Joaquin’s birthday on February 24, when he will turn 11. His friends are coming over to the house for a Nerf gun war. Last year, he had a laser tag party, which was fun and did not take place in the house.

Michael Strahan warned her that it is going to escalate to paintball, which looks fun until you get hurt and go home with welts. “It’s scary when the baby turns 11,” Kelly said. Michael told her she could have another, but she said she likes that this one is potty trained.


Kelly & Michael: Eileen and Kevin’s Anniversary

A few years ago, Live with Kelly hosted the wedding of Eileen and Kevin in Hawaii. The couple is celebrating their two-year anniversary, and they were in the studio audience. She remembered that they even make Joaquin a part of their celebration.

Kelly and Michael: AMC Dead Yourself App

National Margarita Day, Joaquin Consuelos Birthday & Dead Yourself App

National Margarita Day is February 22. Whether you like it frozen or on the rocks, traditional or flavored, with or without a straw, raise a glass for this!

With The Walking Deads Norman Reedus on the show, Kelly admitted that a zombie apocalypse is one of her biggest fears. She would prefer not to survive. Michael said that he wouldn’t mind having to fight for survival. The hosts used AMC’s Dead Yourself app to show what they would look like as zombies. Even Gelman and Art Moore got in on the action, and the photos were grim.


Kelly & Michael: Clown Shortage Update

There are more updates and responses to reports of a clown shortage. One viewer joked that they are all concentrated in Washington, D.C., running the government. Another viewer shared her selfie with a red clown nose.

Kelly and Michael: Child Prodigy Alexis Martin

Child prodigy Alexis Martin has an IQ of 160, and she is only three years old. She was able to memorize her bedtime stories at age one, and she was reading at age two. Then she used her mother’s iPad to teach herself Spanish. Even at her young age, she never uses words incorrectly, and her parents are not sure what path her education should take.

Kelly & Michael: National Margarita Day

Saturday, February 22 is National Margarita Day, so grab some tequila, lime and salt. An overwhelming majority of people prefer fresh margaritas, and Kelly offered to have her husband make everyone his delicious family recipe.

Two thirds prefer salt on the rim, and 70% do not use a straw. Do you prefer a fresh margarita, or do you get it on the rocks? Michael said his preference depends on the weather. Feel free to throw in an extra shot this weekend, which Strahan said is a great way to cut down on sugar.

Kelly and Michael: Winter Weather Canceled Flights

Last winter, there were a record 76,300 flights canceled in the US, most due to weather. Now there is serious talk of putting heated pipes under the runways (which has actually been under discussion since the ‘70s), as a way to make it easier for air travel to go smoothly during winter weather.

Wheely Wild Winter Travel Trivia: Mandy Patinkin

Christy Livesey from Maricopa, Arizona, played for a vacation getaway to the Green Valley Spa in St. George, Utah.

In what state did we say both of Mandy Patinkin’s ex-girlfriends now live?

The answer was Texas, and Christy got it wrong. However, she and someone in the audience won Lenox china.


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