Mother’s Day: Firstborn Children More Successful + Surprise Vs Mistake


Kelly & Michael: Mother’s Day Weekend

Kelly & Michael were really excited that it’s Friday. Plus, it’s Mother’s Day weekend. They have been gearing up for it all week with Moms Week. They did a lot of fun things for Moms Week. They talked to kids on the street about their moms, they had celebrities leave messages for their moms, and Michael’s mom Louise Strahan came on to show her banana pudding recipe and Kelly’s mother-in-law Camilla Consuelos came on to share her Bolognese sauce recipe. Gelman’s mom Rhoda Gelman will be the last guest for Moms Week. Kelly & Michael spent the majority of their host chat talking about Mother’s Day, motherhood, and family.

Kelly & Michael: Mother’s Day Gifts

Mother's Day: Firstborn Children More Successful + Surprise Vs Mistake

Kelly & Michael talked about Mother’s Day and also revealed that firstborn children are actually more successful than their siblings.


Kelly & Michael talked about what they’re going to get for Mother’s Day. Michael’s mom wants cash and Kelly agrees. That way they can get themselves what they really want. Michael said that he asks his mom what she wants and goes out and gets her that. Kelly asked if he and his siblings all pitch in for one big gift. He and his siblings got their parents a big Mercedes SUV for a big anniversary a couple of years ago. His dad said to him, “I know your siblings didn’t do any of this, thank you son.” He’s the youngest and he’s happy he can do it.

Kelly & Michael: Firstborn Children Are More Successful

Kelly said there are people who are the firstborn and people who are like the first born. Kelly is the firstborn, and Mark is like the firstborn. Michael was shocked that Mark’s actually the baby. Kelly thinks Michael is like that too. Michael said his oldest brother lives in Italy, so he has an excuse when he’s not around.

A recent study said that firstborn children often outshine the other children. They’re more ambitious and do better. There could be a number of reasons for this. Parents may devote the majority of their time to their first child, or the first kid might just be more intelligent.


Kelly & Michael: Mistake Vs. Surprise

A friend wanted Michael to ask if he was expected or if he was a mistake. Kelly said she prefers saying a surprise to a mistake. She thought she had the flu for 20 weeks when she was pregnant with Joaquin. She said you get more relaxed with the later children. She remembers saying, “Here, hold your brother. I’ll be back in a couple of minutes,” but she was really careful with her first child.

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