Michael Strahan’s Birthday: 41 Years Old on November 21 2012


Happy Birthday Michael Strahan

According to Kelly Ripa, why is November 21 “pretty much the greatest day in the history of the world?” Because it’s Michael Strahan’s birthday! Michael turned 41 years old on Wednesday, November 21 2012. He admitted to Kelly that he likes celebrating his birthday, but he does get a little embarrassed over a big fuss. Michael Strahan’s birthday is usually a quiet celebration with family and friends–but now, he’s got half of America watching on live television!

Kelly Ripa: Chinese Grandfather as Teen Model

Michael Strahan's Birthday: November 21 2012

Live! celebrated Michael Strahan’s birthday on November 21 2012. (s_bukley / Shutterstock.com)


A teenage girl and budding fashion designer in China has become an internet sensation for using her 72-year-old grandfather to model her clothes. Kelly showed some pictures of the man, who actually looks great in the variety of dresses, sweaters, and skirts that his granddaughter puts him in. He also has very skinny, “model-esque” legs. It made Kelly wonder, should she use her father-in-law as a model for her fashion finder?

Thanksgiving Statistics: 73% of People Lick the Spoon

If you’re headed to friends’ or family’s homes for the holiday, you may be eating your dinner with a side of germs. It’s been proven that 73% of people lick the spoon while cooking.

Additionally, 50% of people serve food that they’ve dropped on the floor. Michael also reported that 52% of people make a turkey soup with leftovers, 50% of the people make turkey casserole, and 47% of people make salad (although, as Kelly said, that’s too many percents).


Michael Strahan Thanksgiving: Fox Football

Michael has many new fans who wrote in from all over the country to talk to him on his birthday. One viewer wanted to know what Michael’s Thanksgiving plans were. He said that he will be covering football on Fox, and then having dinner at a friend’s house. Another viewer wanted to tell Michael that she recently tried Nicole’s Pumpkin Pudding Crunch Recipe, and that it was delicious.

Kelly & Michael People’s Choice Awards: Vote Online

Don’t forget that you can vote online for Kelly and Michael to win two People’s Choice Awards. The hosts are both nominated for Favorite Daytime TV Hosts, and Michael is nominated for Favorite New Talk Show Host.

Fall Into the Holidays Trivia: Rico Rodriguez

A caller won a great trip to the Windjammer Landing Villa Beach Resort in St. Lucia by answering the trivia question correctly. The question was: What actress plays Rico Rodriguez‘s mother on Modern Family? The answer is Sofia Vergara. Plus, an audience member won a Breville small appliance package.


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