Michael Strahan The Rebels Amazon + Kelly Ripa Looks Like Tom Petty?


Kelly and Michael: Michael Strahan The Rebels

Kelly Ripa and her husband Mark Consuelos went out to dinner with some executives from Amazon, and she wanted to congratulate Michael Strahan, whose show The Rebels is streaming on Amazon Prime, making Mark and Michael colleagues.

Kelly said she is hoping to get some free stuff from Amazon, but it hasn’t happened yet. Strahan is an executive producer, which he realized puts him in league with Gelman.


Kelly Ripa Looks Like Tom Petty?

Michael Strahan The Rebels Amazon + Kelly Ripa Looks Like Tom Petty?

Most of the responses to Kelly Ripa’s no-makeup day were positive, and she even agreed with the man who said that she looked like the singer Tom Petty. (carrie-nelson / Shutterstock.com)

George Clooney visited the show for Kelly’s no-makeup show, to pay off her loss in the hosts’ Super Bowl bet. Michael said he did not see a single negative comment on social media about her stunt. “People were so kind to me yesterday that I figured it must be far worse than even I imagined,” Kelly said.

However, one guy did say she looked like Tom Petty without her makeup on. She looked up some photos of him, and she agreed with that assessment. Now she wants to have him on the show so they can sing a duet together. Michael said he was glad to win so he can still get his haircuts. Kelly Ripa said that something about being on live television can give you gray hair.


Kelly & Michael: ATK Man Camp

Michael Strahan attended a Nets basketball game, and he saw Jason Kidd, who has a gray patch in his beard. They discussed Kelly’s workouts, and Kidd was shocked that Michael attempted Kelly’s ATK workout. Kidd might have better luck at SoulCycle.

Kelly recommended Anna Kaiser’s ATK Man Camp, a workout for men, but Michael said he is not man enough to go through her paces once again.

Kelly and Michael: Jay Leno Final Show

Jay Leno had his final night as host of The Tonight Show on February 6. His last hour included surprises from Oprah and Carol Burnett, among others. Billy Crystal, Leno’s first guest, returned to bid him farewell. Leno presided over the late night franchise for 22 years, and now he’s passing it on to Jimmy Fallon.

Michael said that he would want his parents to come for his final show. Kelly had to ponder for a few moments, but she decided on a Cher-Madonna duet.


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