Matilda Review, Sleep No More & New York Citi Bikes Snowed In


Kelly & Michael: Matilda Review + Sleep No More

Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan returned from their three-day weekend, and they agreed that the weekend does not count as a vacation, but the extra Monday off is a nice surprise to savor. Meanwhile, winter continues in New York City, but Michael can’t seem to get a snow day off from work.

Ripa said she and her family had a staycation to enjoy some of New York’s tourist attractions, such as a Broadway musical. The family enjoyed Matilda, and she urged Michael to take his twin daughters to see the show. Kelly and Mark went to the immersive theater experience Sleep No More, where the audience wears masks and the action takes place all around you.


Matilda Review, Sleep No More & New York Citi Bikes Snowed In

The Citi Bikes around the New York area are snowed in thanks to weeks of winter weather, temporarily eliminating them as a transportation option in NYC. (Miro Vrlik Photography /

Michael said he has been wanting to go to the event, but he hasn’t gotten to visit it yet. The hosts agreed that parts of it are reminiscent of the Tom Cruise film Eyes Wide Shut.

Kelly and Michael: Michael Strahan’s Basketball Twins

Michael Strahan spent his three-day weekend in Wilmington, North Carolina, where he watched his twins, Isabella and Sophia, playing in their final basketball game. After the game, they posed in a heartwarming photo with their dad. The girls even won their game.


Michael said the girls have an adoptive grandfather, who pledged 50 cents for every basket scored. He thinks that really inspired her daughter to score points. The weekend also included time spent with needy rescue animals. Kelly said it’s interesting to watch her own daughter be so kind to an animal, but mean to her brothers.

Strahan said that his daughters sprawl out in the bed, and Kelly said that her youngest child, Joaquin, kicks in his sleep.

Kelly & Michael: Citi Bikes Snowed In

New York’s Citi Bikes have been snowed in thanks to the snow, making it hard for users to get around in this weather. But would you really want to chance it on a bike in these conditions? The hosts assumed that no one expected this type of intense winter.

Though Kelly said that there were many advantages to the bike sharing program, it was probable that they would be out of commission for at least part of the winter. Michael said he doesn’t understand people who ride those bikes like they are not in the middle of New York City traffic. But you never know what stars you might see out and about on bikes.


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