Martha Stewart Requests & Cows Named After Kelly & Michael


Kelly & Michael: Man Loses 1700 Dollars On Carnival Game

Next in Host Chat, Michael shared a story about a man who lost his entire savings account on a carnival game. He spent 300 dollars trying to win an Xbox, went home to get more money, and then spent another 2,300 dollars. Doesn’t he realize that he could have just bought an Xbox himself? As consolation, the carnival gave the man 600 dollars and a giant banana.

Kelly’s son, Michael, won a Hobbes doll (of “Calvin and Hobbes”) at a carnival that he still has to this day. Kelly has repaired and sewn together the doll so many times, she believes that it will be the last remaining relic of their family. One day, archeologists could be studying Michael Consuelos’ Hobbes doll.


Martha Stewart Requests & Cows Named After Kelly & Michael

Kelly & Michael discussed their namesake cows and Martha Stewart during Host Chat.

As a kid, Michael’s most prized possessions were all clothes (although not his now-famous short-shorts). He loved wearing his Winnie the Pooh shirt and brown polyester suit. Kelly recognized the suit from Michael’s kindergarten picture.

Martha Stewart Requests

Because it was so funny the first time, Kelly and Michael just had to re-live the hilarious moment when Michael learned the New York Post had suggested he date Martha Stewart. They showed the clip of Michael spitting out his coffee in slow motion, which made it even better.


Apparently, Martha has received so many requests that she’s had to remove her notifications. I’m sure there are a lot of guys who wouldn’t mind dating Martha.

Mary Lou King Names Cows After Kelly & Michael

Remember Mary Lou King, Live’s Unstoppable Mom Search Winner? In honor of her favorite daytime TV hosts, Mary Lou has named her farm’s newest baby calves after Kelly and Michael. The cows are called “Ripa” and “Strahan,” and they’re both adorable! Kelly hopes to “milk herself” one day, as disturbing as that sounds.

Kelly & Michael: Frog Inside Green Beans

Speaking of disturbing, here’s a story that could have you removing green beans from your grocery list. A woman bought and served a 69 cent can of green beans to her family for dinner, but inside the can was a preserved frog. Her son discovered the frog after it was served to him as a side dish to meatloaf. I’d suggest buying fresh beans from now on!


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