Live With Kelly: Tyler Perry & Phone Call to Oprah


Live With Kelly: Tyler Perry on “Madea”

Tyler Perry is an actor, writer, and director of many successful film projects, but he is perhaps best known for creating the wacky female character of Madea, which he himself plays while in drag. Madea has starred in a host of her own comedy films, including Madea Goes to Jail. When he came out to join Kelly as guest co-host, Tyler even gave a little taste of his Madea voice, which made the audience go nuts.

Kelly said it was her secret fantasy to have she and Tyler dress up and host the show as little old ladies. She also said that Madea is  such a great character because she is so universal. Everyone has that slightly crazy, embarrassing old aunt, grandmother, or other relative. Tyler agreed that her universal quality is why so many people connect to the character. Madea says what’s on her mind, and people appreciate that!


Tyler Perry: Vacation Photos


Tyler Perry Calls Oprah: Live With Kelly

Tyler Perry called his good friend, Oprah Winfrey, on "Live With Kelly." (s_bukley /

Yesterday we took a look at some of Kelly’s recent vacation photos. Today, it was Tyler’s turn. He had some great places to show off, including Rome and Utah. In Utah, Tyler  visited some incredible canyons called the Corkscrew Canyons. Kelly said that the natural beauty of the American southwest really astounds her.


Then, everyone got an unexpected treat when Tyler had some photos of a vacation he took to the Bahamas with Oprah and her best friend, Gayle. The first picture had Oprah and Gayle boarding a small sea plane to get to Tyler’s home, which Tyler said they were not too pleased about. The second picture showed Oprah and Gayle seated on the plane, absolutely terrified and clutching to Tyler for dear life.

Tyler Perry: Phone Call to Oprah

Kelly had lots of questions for Tyler about Oprah, because she is so fascinated by her (who isn’t). Kelly had a funny story to share about a previous birthday. A few years back, Mark had been working with Oprah on her show for a segment called “Fridays Live.” So, when Kelly’s birthday rolled around and Mark said he had somewhere special to take her, Kelly just assumed that it meant Oprah would be throwing her a huge birthday dinner. Kelly bought an extravagant gown and everything. However, as it turned out, Mark took her to an Eagles concert. Kelly said the Eagles concert was great, but after her expectations had been as high as Oprah, it was a disappointment.

Kelly asked Tyler about his home in the Bahamas, and he revealed that his neighbors are people like Johnny Depp, Tim McGraw and Faith Hill, and David Copperfield. Oprah was interviewing David for her show, “Oprah’s Next Chapter.” After Kelly pestered him with so many questions, Tyler just said, “Why don’t we call her?”

Amazingly, Tyler pulled out his phone and called Oprah herself. Unfortunately the call went to her voicemail, but Kelly and Tyler decided to leave her a message. Kelly sounded like a little kid, which Tyler jokingly apologized for. Kelly also added that “the whole audience here would like new cars.” They asked her to call them back, so keep your fingers crossed!


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