Live With Kelly: Taye Diggs from “Private Practice” Co-Hosts


Live with Kelly: Taye Diggs from “Private Practice”

Taye Diggs, Broadway veteran and star of the ABC drama “Private Practice,” joined Kelly Ripa as co-host for today’s show. He revealed that he was exhausted, and running on ten cans of Red Bull because his 2 1/2-year-old son did not sleep the night before. When Kelly asked what he was going to do about his baby not sleeping, he joked to the audience, “does anybody want to buy my baby?” Kelly identified the problem when Taye said that his son is still sleeping in bed with him and his wife (fellow actress Idina Menzel.) Kelly said that they need to get him into his own room. Because once they start sleeping in your room, they never leave!

Kelly asked how Taye’s weekend was, and he said that he and Idina saw some new Broadway shows, including “Peter and the Star Catcher,” the prequel to “Peter Pan,” and “Once.” Kelly noted that she loved the music from “Once.” She also asked if, since both he and Idina are “Broadway royalty,” other performers get nervous on stage knowing that they are both in the audience. Taye said that he gets nervous when he knows that there are other actors watching him, but it also provides extra energy that fuels his performance.


Kelly and Taye quickly mentioned the season five finale of “Private Practice,” which received lots of cheering from the audience. The show ended with a cliffhanger proposal that we won’t know more about until next season.

Live With Kelly Taye Diggs Co-Hosts with Kelly Ripa

Taye Diggs (with wife Idina Menzel) co-hosted Live With Kelly. (Image Credit: s_bukley /

Kelly Ripa: Avengers box office and Disneyworld

Kelly noted how disappointed she was with the weather today (rainy and windy in New York), but that it had been a beautiful weekend. She said that we in the northeast usually get three nice days, and then three bad ones. Taye said that he loves LA, but he likes New York weather better because every day feels exactly the same in Los Angeles.


They discussed texting once more on Live With Kelly, with Kelly reading a story about a New Jersey family who are trying to sue their daughter’s boyfriend for texting her while she drove. They both agreed that it was weird but texting and driving is very dangerous.

Taye asked Kelly if she had seen the blockbuster The Avengers, because he hadn’t yet. She hadn’t either, but her kids did, and they all loved it. It was number one at the box office again this weekend, and she said it made “two ka-gillion dollars.” The only movie that Taye has seen lately is The Smurfs, which he was watching at 3 AM with his son.  This reminded Kelly of watching Winnie the Pooh with her kids when they were younger, and never being able to get the theme song out of her head. She also brought up the ride at Disneyworld, which plays the song over and over again. She joked that it drove her to want to drink, and that parents are going to start carrying flasks in their diaper bags. She said that instead of ending right at the gift shop, the ride should end right next to a tequila bar.

Kelly Ripa: Mark Zuckerberg Wedding

Taye had on a very dapper bow tie this morning, although he joked that he could barely tie it because his red bull made him so jittery. Kelly said that she learned how to tie a bow tie after the White House Correspondents dinner, because Mark had one but nobody knew how to tie it. After the event, she watched a video and learned herself.

Taye and Kelly discussed Mark Zuckerberg’s wedding, which took place the day after Facebook went public. He married his college sweetheart, Priscilla Chan. Kelly pointed out how horrible the article was, because instead of celebrating a happy occasion, it dwells on financial topics and anticipates their divorce. On the topic of weddings, Kelly read another piece of news about a Chicago couple whose wedding was crashed by an Occupy Chicago protest. The bride was, obviously, less than thrilled.

Live with Kelly: Vote for Top Teacher

You have only until 3 PM today to vote for your Top Teacher pick. All last week, we met the five finalists, and you can read about their inspiring stories on the Live with Kelly website. The winner will receive $25,000 for his or her school, plus a 2013 Ford Fusion, and will be announced on tomorrow’s show. Taye said that his favorite teacher in school was named Mrs. Evans.

On Spring into Spring travel trivia, a lucky viewer answered a question correctly and received a trip to Windjammer Landing resort on St. Lucia. The question was, “what college did Reggie Bush and Tom Selleck both attend,?” the answer being, University of Southern California. Another prize was given out, to an audience member who won a $500 Fandango gift card.


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