Live With Kelly: Seth Myers Co-Hosts with Kelly Ripa


Seth Myers: “Saturday Night Live” Season Finale

Fresh off his “Saturday Night Live” finale over the weekend, Seth Myers joined Kelly to co-host today’s show. Kelly noted that every time Seth is on the show, the audience seems better looking. He said that if an audience doesn’t look right, he just turns around and leaves. He also worried that he wore the same suit last time, because he has a limited number of suits.

Kelly said that Mark wanted her to bring up soccer with Seth, because they are both big soccer fans. Seth mentioned the big game on Saturday, where Chelsea beat Bayern Munich. He said that it is much better to be a soccer fan in America now, because more and more people are getting into it. You used to only be able to watch it at an Irish pub in the middle of the afternoon, which would lead to one too many pints of Guiness. Kelly said that Mark once brought their youngest son to a soccer match in England, and he came back saying inappropriate things in a British accent. However, she also said that even bad things sound nice in a British accent.


Seth and Kelly discussed the SNL season finale, which Seth described as being very emotional. The cast said goodbye to one of the show’s most beloved members, Kristen Wiig, who is leaving after seven years. Kelly asked if anyone else is leaving, because there are many rumors surrounding other cast members (such as Jason Sudeikis), but he said he didn’t know, and he hoped not. Andy Samberg once said that getting into SNL is like getting into Hogwarts, because suddenly everyone is like you and you’re laughing all the time. Seth said that SNL is the greatest place to work, and he hopes to never leave, although he will have to eventually.

Mick Jagger was the host for the season finale, and Seth revealed how much fun it is to talk to him about comedy. Cast members were doing bad impressions of him around the office all week. Kelly, who has hosted SNL, said it was so nerve-wracking that her lips were stuck to her teeth for a week afterwards. Seth said that Mick is really funny and a big perfectionist, which are perfect qualities for guest-hosting the show.

Live With Kelly: Bar Refaeli

Kelly and Seth discussed Bar Refaeli, Number One on Maxim's Hot 100. (Image Credit: Featureflash /


Live With Kelly: Bar Refaeli & “American Idol” Finale

Kelly showed a picture of the newly crowned number one woman on the Maxim Hot 100, Israeli model Bar Refaeli. She also pointed out that Stephen Colbert also made the list, coming in at number 69. Kelly joked that she had a secretly-snapped picture of Colbert on the beach, and then showed a woman in a bikini with Colbert’s face photoshopped on top. Kelly said, “underneath the suit you can’t tell!”

Seth read a story about a twice-jilted groom who was suing his ex-fiance` for rent and the deposit that he had put on the wedding(s), which inspired a talk about break-ups. Seth said that for him, “the second engagement is always the red flag,” and that couples should only share a bank account after twenty years of marriage. Kelly brought up the phenomenon of having to choose sides when friends break up and you are close to both of them. But with these people, no one would want to be their friend!

Kelly asked Seth if he had seen the “American Idol” finale, and he said he hadn’t. As it turns out, neither had Kelly. Since they didn’t know, they asked the audience who they thought was going to win, and they shouted out ‘Philip.’ Kelly said that she liked “the girl” (Jessica Sanchez). Philip reminds Kelly of her spin instructor at Soul Cycle.

Live With Kelly: Significant Other vs. Smart Phone

Seth and Kelly then discussed a study from USA today which asked the question, what’s harder to give up for a day: your significant other or your smart phone? Seth said, “69% said significant other, which means that about 85% are lying.” They both joked that giving up your significant other for a day is something that most people would wish for anyway.

The topic turned to road trips, and Seth and Kelly both shared what used to keep them occupied as kids in the car with their families. Kelly said that she tries to explain to her kids that, when there was no TV or DVDs inside the car, she would play iSpy or punch buggy. Seth said that what kids today don’t understand is that entertainment used to just be “looking at things.” His dad used to point out animals on the road, like cows, and that was supposed to keep them occupied. Kelly brought up a time that the whole family was in the car in Italy, and were stopped for about twenty minutes by goats. They talked so much that they forgot to mention the study!

Finally, Kelly mentioned that American kids are actually the most patient kids on road trips. They have an average of 30 minutes before becoming bored, while Australian kids have 23 and British kids have 24.

During Spring into Spring trivia, the caller unfortunately did not win the trip to St. Lucia, because she did not remember that “Scrambled Eggs” was the original title to the Beatles’ “Yesterday.” But both she and an audience member won a Breville small appliance package.


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