Live with Kelly: Seth Myers Co-Hosts Fleet Week Show


Live with Kelly: US Military Audience for Fleet Week

For the third time in a row, we were lucky to have hilarious Saturday Night Live head writer Seth Meyers join Kelly as guest co-host. Today’s show was an extra special one, because since it’s Fleet Week in New York, the audience was made up of all US military personnel.  Kelly said that they were “the best looking audience we’ve ever had.”

If you’ve been watching the show this week, you’ll know that Seth has worried about repeating the same suit on the show. He said that he was jealous of how nice everyone looks. Kelly surprised him with a “suit montage,” pictures of him from all of the shows he’s done in order to see if he’s any repeat outfits. At least for now, he’s in the clear.


Live With Kelly: Fleet Week Seth Meyers

Seth Meyers co-hosted a special Fleet Week military audience on Live with Kelly. (Allen Berezovsky /

Kelly Ripa: Military Ranks

Kelly mentioned that there are different events throughout New York for Fleet Week, and she and Seth talked about how neither of them know anything about the many different military rankings.

But Seth did know that  they aren’t called “Air Captains” and “Water Captains.” They asked the audience to help them learn throughout the show.


Kelly brought up some news about some new species of animals being identified. There are now animals called blue tarantulas, attacking wasps, and stub-nosed monkeys. Kelly and Seth noted that the stub-nosed monkey looks a lot like Elvis (it even has a little curled hair on its forehead). Seth said that it should be called the “Elvis monkey” instead, because now it will have a complex about its nose.

Kelly Ripa Vs Rachel Zoe: ‘Literally’

A viewer brought up Kelly’s constant use of the word “literally.” Kelly said that she got into the habit after playing Rachel Zoe in a sketch for Halloween, who is known for her trademark words like “literally” and “bananas.” Ever since then, she became addicted to talking like her. We also learned that Seth and Adam Sandler went to rival high schools in New Hampshire: Seth went to Manchester West, and Adam attended Manchester Central.

Live with Kelly: Mexican Getaways

Kelly revealed some big news for Live With Kelly viewers: there is a new giveaway being sponsored by Mexico Tourism that will give away ten trips to some lucky viewers. The trips are all-inclusive for seven days in many exotic locations, including Mazatlan and Puerto Vallarta. Viewers must watch the show and can check out the Live With Kelly site to enter.

Kelly and Seth: Family Trips

Because they had discussed family trips this week, Kelly and Seth brought pictures of themselves on trips when they were children. Kelly brought a picture from when she was a toddler at Disneyworld with her baby sister and mom and dad. She pointed out her mom’s huge, 70s hair. Seth brought a picture of himself with his younger brother and mother and father in Breckenridge, Colorado. He pointed out his dad’s giant mustache. He said it was “like being raised by Magnum P.I.” Kelly said that her dad had a big mustache, too, and a goatee at one point. Seth joked that they had a picture, and pulled out the image of the stub-nosed monkey.

Travel Trivia: Josh Brolin

During Spring into Spring Travel trivia, a viewer was playing for a trip to St. Lucia. The question was, “what actor did Josh Brolin say he had been in three movies with, without ever doing a scene together?”

The answer was Tommy Lee Jones, but the caller did not know and lost out on the trip. She did win a gift certificate, though, and when Kelly hoped that the audience member she randomly picked was a female, she did!

Live With Kelly: Road Trip Games

At the end of the show, Kelly and Seth were dressed up like little kids in the backseat of a car, heading out on a fake road trip. Driving the car was Carly Roney, who had some fun tips for road trip games for kids. They played games like License Plate Bingo, The ‘What if?’ game, and thumb-wrestled.

Seth was not a good sport, and threw bottle filled with treasures out the window. When they were asked what they would wear if they could only wear one thing forever, Seth said “Hammer pants” and Kelly said “Spanx.”


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