Live With Kelly: Seth Meyers Co-Hosts During NYC Heat Wave


Live With Kelly: Pre-Show Ritual

On “Live With Kelly” July 10, actor, comedian, and writer Seth Meyers once again joined Kelly Ripa as guest co-host. When the hosts came out to start the show, Seth complimented Kelly’s lovely floral dress. She said that she got it in Telluride, Colorado.

Seth pointed out that there is always a “big reveal” of Kelly’s fashion choices just before the show starts, because she doesn’t leave her dressing room until the very last second. Kelly explained that when Regis also hosted, he had a pre-show ritual of coming to get Kelly 30 seconds before the show. When she first hosted, Kelly would come out early, but Regis would send her back!


Heat Wave Live with Kelly July 10

Seth Myers and Kelly Ripa talked about the NYC Heat Wave on "Live With Kelly" July 10

Seth Myers: Mom “Madame Meyers”

Seth explained that he is getting into the groove of summer, and that he has essentially had a school-year schedule for his entire life. On “Saturday Night Live,” he gets winter and summer breaks like in college that none of his other friends get (who have normal jobs). This is apropos, since Seth’s mom is actually a school teacher who just retired after 28 years of teaching.

Seth’s mom was a middle school French teacher, and Seth said that in his hometown of Manchester, New Hampshire, she is the celebrity, not him! People will stop him in the grocery store and ask if he is “Madame Meyers’s son.” Seth also had his mom as a teacher– he actually took her class in sixth grade. His French name was “Serge,” which Kelly said she will only be referring to him as from now on!


Seth also said that his mom was a “big softy” and would always let him take personal days off from school. She would even lie to other teachers for him. Kelly said that Seth would have been the perfect child for her mom; Mrs. Ripa was always encouraging Kelly to take off from school. She would wake her up and say, “don’t you feel like going to the mall?”

Live With Kelly: NYC Heat Wave

No matter where you live, you’ve probably noticed that the temperatures have been unusually high. As it turns out, the first six months of this year have been the hottest one record for the United States. In New York in particular, temperatures have been an average of four degrees higher than usual. Seth said that these high temperatures are probably an indication that global warming is real, and not made up like some people believe!

Live with Seth and Allison?

Seth brought up a study that said sitting for more than 3 hours a day can cut 1.4 years off of your life. This is bad news for a talk show host like Kelly! But she didn’t seem too worried.

Kelly mentioned that Seth is a fan of Allison Williams, who was to appear later on in the show. She said that he would prefer if Kelly just left and the show became “Live With Seth and Allison.” However, Seth said, “don’t pretend you wouldn’t love it if Matt Bomer came out and it was ‘Live with Kelly and Matt!'” Kelly called Matt, another of the day’s guests, “one of the loves of her life.”

Just in case you were felt badly for the incredibly handsome Matt Bomer, Seth jokingly assured the audience that it’s okay to look at Matt when he comes out, not Seth. Good to know!

Surf’s Up Trivia: Eric McCormack

“Live With Kelly” July 9 featured actor Eric McCormack, who hosted “Saturday Night Live” once ten years ago. A caller remembered this bit of trivia and won a great trip to the Westin Diplomat in Hollywood, Florida. Also, an audience member won a gift card to


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