Live With Kelly: Seth Myers Co-Hosts After 4th of July Vacation


Live with Kelly: Fourth of July Vacation

Kelly Ripa returned from Fourth of July vacation on “Live With Kelly” July 9, and she was joined by “Saturday Night Live” head writer and “Weekend Update” host Seth Myers. On the show Seth and Kelly shared how they spent their time off, took a look at the Coast to Coast Co-Host finalists, and even pondered what they would do in the event of a shark attack.

Seth Myers Live With Kelly July 9

Seth Myers co-hosted "Live With Kelly" on July 9


Seth spent the Fourth on Martha’s Vineyard with his girlfriend, which as he pointed out, makes him sound very “wealthy and sophisticated.” However, his biggest souvenir is a terrible sunburn on his shoulders. He tried to find a loophole in order to make it his girlfriend’s fault (for missing his shoulders with the sunscreen), but it was actually his fault for missing that key spot. He said it looks like someone put two irons on his shoulders. Ouch!

Kelly spent the Fourth at her home on Long Island with Mark and the kids. As Kelly has mentioned before, it takes sweltering heat for her to get into the pool; and since this weekend was so hot, the whole Consuelos clan were submerged “like a pack of Hippopotami.”

Live With Kelly: What Would You Do in a Shark Attack?

Seth brought up a picture of a man kayaking in the ocean over the holiday, with a visible shark fin popping up right beside him. This prompted Kelly and Seth to wonder: what would you do in the event of a shark attack? Kelly said she has seen Jaws so many times, she feels like she could survive. Seth said he would definitely never go in the ocean again if he ever even saw a shark in the water.


Kelly told a story of she and Mark on vacation one year for their anniversary: they were in Turks and Caicos, and while Kelly was on the beach reading a book, Mark was out on a catamaran when a giant whale swam beneath him. Seth pointed out that “dying by whale” is way more embarrassing than dying by shark. Kelly would prefer to die by neither!

Kelly said that the worst way to die would be “dying in the act” (if you catch her drift). That would just be an awkward and embarrassing situation for both parties: especially the deceased! She told another story of when Michael was a baby, and she actually passed out naked because she was very sick. Before the paramedics came, Mark dressed her in a ridiculous outfit of a dance leotard, his Juventus soccer pants, and red Christian Louboutin heels. Kelly said she came to and realized that she looked like “an Italian athletic prostitute.”

Surf’s Up Trivia: Rose Byrne

On Surf’s Up Travel Trivia, a caller won a trip to San Juan, Puerto Rico when she remembered that past guest Rose Byrne starred in the 2011 comedy film Bridesmaids. An audience member also won a gift card to Fandango.

Live With Kelly: Coast to Coast Co-Host Finalists

The finalists for “Live With Kelly’s” Coast to Coast Co-Host Search competition were also announced! They are:

Dena Blizzard from Runnemede, NJ

Katie Boggs from Agua Dulce, CA

Michael Buckley from Meriden, CT

Tawsha Connell from Nashville, TN

Mikey Kay from New York, NY

Rory Kramer from North Hollywood, CA

Jennifer Mendonca from Neshanic, NJ

Brian Olatunji from West Bloomfield, MI

Will Tant, from New York, NY

Markette Smith from Washington DC

To vote for your favorite potential co-host, head to the “Live” site and make your pick!


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