Live With Kelly: Seth Meyers Co-Hosts With Kelly Ripa


Kelly Ripa: Seth Meyers Co-Hosts

Kelly Ripa is already well into her holiday vacation, but before she left, she pre-taped some episodes like this one for us to enjoy until her return. Joining her in the co-host chair today was Saturday Night Live star Seth Meyers, who marveled that his good side faces the audience, now that Kelly has taken the chair on the left.

Live With Kelly: Seth Meyers Co-Hosts With Kelly Ripa

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Kelly Ripa wished everyone a Happy Hanukkah, and Seth Meyers expressed surprise that she knows about 30 Hannukah songs. Kelly Ripa then proceeded to sing one of them. Not to be outdone, Seth Meyers made up a song about not being able to find a Menorah.

Kelly Ripa: Holiday Decorating Accidents

If you haven’t already decorated for your holiday celebrations, Kelly Ripa wants you to be careful. She shared that 5,822 Americans visit the emergency room on average each winter because of holiday decorating injuries. The majority are bumps, bruises, and broken bones, with ladders and roofs posing hazards. Seth Meyers said wives always warn the husbands about going up on the roof, but they never listen.

He also shared a story about his brother, who got a piece of a broken glass ornament in his eye. “And that’s why he’s a pirate today,” Seth Meyers said. Kelly Ripa shared a story that her mother has told her over the years: when Kelly was three years old, they thought she ate a Christmas ball. But Kelly’s mom didn’t have a car in those days, so she just kept a nervous eye on the child, and apparently it all worked out. Kelly Ripa is not convinced that the missing Christmas ball is not still inside her.


Seth Meyers: Italian Greyhound Dog

Seth Meyers showed a picture of his new dog, Frisbee. She is an Italian Greyhound. Though he grew up with dogs, Seth Meyers said this is the first one he’s had since living in New York. Kelly Ripa said Greyhounds make good city dogs. He said that the dog sleeps in bed with him and his girlfriend. “The dog is training you now,” Kelly Ripa said.

Spa La La La La Travel Trivia

Kelly Ripa pointed out that there are 96 “las” in the lyrics of “Deck The Halls.” Today’s trivia contestant was Giani Geer from Yorktown, Indiana. She said that she was currently visiting New Orleans for a wedding. She was playing for a vacation trip to Casamagna Marriott Puerto Vallarta Resort & Spa in Mexico. The eight-day, seven-night trip was valued at $5,900.

Today’s question was: “We’ve had actress Scarlett Johannson on the show. In what 2004 Woody Allen film about a former tennis pro did Scarlett star?” The answer was Match Point, and though she got close, she couldn’t come up with the answer in time.

Kelly Ripa tried to guilt producer Michael Gelman into giving her the trip anyway by singing a Hannukah song. Instead of the trip, Giani Geer and audience member 101 each received a Jergens skin care package and $500.


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