Live With Kelly: Seth Meyers Co-Hosts Morning after “Fallon”


Live With Kelly: Kelly Ripa on “Jimmy Fallon”

“Saturday Night Live” head writer Seth Meyers joined Kelly Ripa for the third day in a row on “Live With Kelly”  July 11. As he sat down as guest co-host, Seth declared that he had gotten his “second wind.” Kelly, who appeared last night on “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon,” said that she and Jimmy discussed that very subject on his show. Jimmy has known Seth for many years, and he wasn’t sure if Seth would make it as co-host for an entire week! “SNL” people are not morning people.

Jimmy Fallon

Kelly discussed her appearance on "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon" where she lost a game of Rock-Paper-Scissors.


On “Jimmy Fallon,” Kelly joined Jimmy in an unconventional game called “Rock-Paper-Scissors-Pie-in-the-Face.” Kelly was still disappointed from her failed strategy, and kept going over it; Seth pointed out that the discussion was like “the worst ESPN segment ever.” Kelly and Seth even tried a quick round, and she still lost! Viewers got to see a clip of Kelly getting creamed after losing. They even had it in slo-mo!

Live With Kelly: Susan Boyle Neighbors

Kelly and Seth also discussed a story about British singer Susan Boyle and her neighbors. Apparently, Susan’s neighbors are fed up with her disruptive singing all the time, and have been calling to complain. A clip of Susan’s singing played in the studio, and Seth decided that even something great would become annoying after a while.
Kelly wondered aloud if Susan had been on a date yet– when she was discovered on “Britain’s Got Talent,” several years ago, she had claimed to have never been out on a date. Kelly suggested that they set Susan up with someone on “Live,” and then Kelly suggested Seth. Seth said he would go out with Susan Boyle “in a heartbeat.” But no karaoke afterwards!

Live With Kelly: Kelly Ripa’s Teeth

Seth had some bad news for dentists: there is a new type of chemical that could potentially make human teeth cavity-proof. However, as Kelly pointed out, you would still want to go to your dentist to have cleanings. Kelly has self-proclaimed “horse teeth,” that seem too big for her mouth. When she was young, she was so desperate for braces that she actually tried to make her own with a paperclip and a rubber band.

Kelly said that her son, Joaquin, has braces right now, and he doesn’t really want to smile in photos. Seth had braces for about five years as a kid, and had no problem smiling in photos! Seth’s other thing as a kid was that he wanted to look like Pierce Brosnan, so he squinted all the time, which his teachers discouraged. As Kelly said, the day was quickly turning into a group therapy session!


Live With Kelly: Coast-to-Coast Co-Host Search

Kelly reminded everyone to vote for their favorite potential guest co-host on the “Live” Coast-to-Coast Co-Host Search. Head to the “Live With Kelly” site to make your pick.

Surf’s Up Trivia: Madame Meyers

During Surf’s Up Trivia, a very enthusiastic caller won a trip to Riviera Maya, Mexico when she remembered that Seth’s mom taught middle school French. Plus, an audience member won a small appliance package from Breville.



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