Live With Kelly: Seth Meyers Co-Hosts Fourth Consecutive Day


Seth Meyers: Co-Hosting Streak Continues

When Kelly and guest co-host Seth Meyers sat down to begin “Live With Kelly” on July 12, Kelly expressed shock that the “Saturday Night Live” cast member has been able to wake up early for four days in a row! She said that this feat was a record, and wondered if Seth was sick of her yet. Seth said, “you’re as fresh to me as the day we met.”

Kelly Ripa: Cooper Hospital in Camden County, NJ

Kristen Chenoweth Accident: Live With Kelly

Seth and Kelly wished actress Kristin Chenoweth a speedy recovery on "Live With Kelly" after a recent accident on the set of "The Good Wife." (Joe Seer /


Kelly said that yesterday she spent some time in South Jersey, at Cooper Hospital in Camden County. She filmed a commercial for the hospital, which she described as being such an important part of the community. The hospital is also where her parents first met, back in 1961.

Kelly also shared that something funny and unexpected happened to her while she was at the hospital: she ran into Seth’s old college roommate, Eli. He and Seth had not spoken in a while, but Eli called Seth after meeting Kelly. Eli told Kelly that Seth had always been funny, and also expressed shock that he has been able to wake up so early to do the show!

Seth Meyers: Phi Gamma Delta at Northwestern University

Seth said that he recently returned to his alma mater, Northwestern University, for Homecoming. When he saw his old college dorm, that he had shared with four other guys, he couldn’t believe that he had once lived there– to him now, it felt like a terrifying prison! He said that’s how he knows that he is an adult.


Live With Kelly: Kristin Chenoweth Accident

Kelly reported that actress and singer Kristin Chenoweth, who happens to be a good friend of the show, was recently involved in a horrific accident. On the set of the CBS drama “The Good Wife,” Kristin was struck in the head by a piece of scaffolding and suffered a seizure. Kristen is now recovering, and both Seth and Kelly wished her all the best!

Kelly recounted a story in which she entered a charity high heel race with Kristin, who was afraid that she would get trampled because of her small stature. Kelly said that she told Kristin she would watch out for her, but when the race began, she launched off of her and basically threw the teeny-tiny actress to the ground!

Live With Kelly: Most Expensive Dog Wedding

According to an article read by Seth, the record for the most expensive dog wedding ever has now been set (in case you were wondering). The wedding cost $250,000, and was a mixed-religion service that required a custom chuppah, because one of the dogs is Jewish. Not too many details were given about the owners or the wedding planners, so Kelly said that she wanted to find the wedding planner and bring him on the show to grill him. Does a dog wedding really require an open bar?

Live With Kelly: Susie Williams Date Night Makeover

On “Live With Kelly” July 11, Susie Williams and her husband Andre appeared as a part of the Date Night Makeover series. Susie sent in a lovely note of thanks that Kelly read aloud to the audience. She also showed some pictures of Susie and Andre’s big date. After the couple saw Porgy & Bess on Broadway, they were given a surprise tour backstage. Susie also wrote that they were recognized everywhere they went. Kelly said that she isn’t recognized outside of the studio; people need to see her sitting behind a desk in order to know who she is!

 Coast-to-Coast Co-Host Search Finalists

Finally, at the end of the show, Kelly and Seth personally called the five finalists in “Live’s” Coast-to-Coast Co-Host Search Competition. They are: Will Tant, Markette Smith, Mikey Kay, Rory Kramer, and Michael Buckley. Tune in on Monday, when the finalists will appear on the show!


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