Live With Kelly: Seth Meyers Closes out Co-Hosting Week


Seth Meyers: Fifth Day Co-Host Record

On “Live With Kelly” July 13, “Saturday Night Live” head writer Seth Meyers returned for his record fifth day of co-hosting. Although Seth promised that he was not yet sick of Kelly, Kelly said that Mark was definitely sick of her after five days of marriage. It was actually on their five-day anniversary that they had their first fight. And it’s still going on to this day!

Kelly Ripa: High Temperatures and Bed Bugs

Kelly had good news to share: after checking her kids, she found that they are lice-free (always a relief for a parent). However, she is now worried about bed bugs. The high temperatures have caused the amount of bed bug cases in New York to rise. Seth wondered aloud how long New Yorkers have been having the discussion about bed bugs– three, four years? It’s a problem that never seems to go away. Kelly said– pardon the pun– bed bugs in New York is “a story with legs.”


Kelly Ripa & Seth Meyers: Dog Stories

Seth Meyers English Sheepdogs: Live With Kelly

Seth and Kelly talked about pet stories, like Seth's Old English Sheepdogs, on "Live With Kelly."

Kelly said that one of the problems in her house right now is being caused by her dog, Chuy: she is making holes in the screen door in order to go outside, even though Mark made her a doggie door. When he was growing up, Seth’s family had many dogs, including a giant Great Pyrenees that was so big, he could open doors with his paws.

In fact, Seth had a lot of interesting dog stories to share. The Meyers family always have one Great Pyrenees and one Old English Sheep Dog. Seth explained– not to be morbid– but when one dog passes away, they replace him or her with another dog of the same breed. In fact, the family has had five Sheep Dogs, all named Albert.


When one of the dogs died while Seth was in college, he said that his parents called him and asked him to break the news to his brother, Josh, who attended the same school. Seth called his brother and said that he would head over to his dorm to hang out and bring some sandwiches. When Seth arrived, however, he found his brother crying. He already knew that the dog had died, because as he said, “you would never bring sandwiches over to my room for no reason!” That’s how Seth knew he was a bad brother.

Kelly had a pet story to share of her own. When they were kids, Kelly’s sister, Linda, asked for pet hamsters for Christmas. On Christmas Eve, Kelly saw the hamsters sitting in their cage, and thought that they looked cold. Not realizing that she was about to make hamster toast, Kelly placed a towel over the cage and placed the hamsters over the heater. On Christmas morning, when Kelly’s parents went to show Linda her present, all they had were two roasted hamsters.

Kelly said that, like the first fight between she and Mark, the story never dies. Every Thanksgiving, her sister brings it back up. Seth said that if Kelly had cooked his pet hamsters, he wouldn’t forget it, either!

Surf’s Up Trivia: Anne Hathaway

The day’s Surf’s Up Trivia question was about actress Anne Hathaway: in what 2001 family film did Anne star with Julie Andrews? When a caller answered The Princess Diaries, she won a trip to Antigua. Plus, an audience member won Lenox Place Settings.


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