Live With Kelly Ripa: Michael Strahan Co-Hosts


Michael Strahan & Kelly Ripa Co-Host

Joining Kelly Ripa for today’s show is former New York Giants defensive end Michael Strahan, whom Kelly said always gets the staff excited. “I think it’s more fear than excitement,” he said.

Kelly Ripa said she hadn’t seen Michael Strahan since the Halloween episode earlier this year. He talked about his rivalry with Josh Groban, saying he would fight with the singer for Kelly Ripa’s affections.


Live With Kelly Ripa: Michael Strahan Co-Hosts

Former NFL star Michael Strahan talked about Christmas, his 40th birthday, and benefits of relationships for athletes. (Credit: Debby Wong /

She said that Josh Groban would beat him in a singing contest, prompting Michael Strahan to sing a few bars of Frank Sinatra’s “It Was a Very Good Year.”

Michael Strahan: Christmas With 9 Kids

Michael Strahan talked about his Christmas celebration. With nine kids, he said there were a lot of gifts and a lot of people involved in the holiday season.


He said that everyone can’t fit in the house, so they have to figure out motels and use the family’s beach house. Michael Strahan said he likes having all the kids and parents around.

Kelly Ripa said her girlfriend flew in from London to celebrate the holidays with the Consuelos family. Kelly Ripa said she stuck to her word and did not buy her daughter a cell phone as a Christmas gift.

Michael Strahan: 40th Birthday Football Cake

Michael Strahan talked about what to buy for the person who has everything. He suggested buying that person more of what they already have, because you know they will like it.

Kelly Ripa asked about Michael Strahan’s recent birthday trip to Mexico, to celebrate his 40th birthday. When he returned, his family threw him a surprise party.

They got him a football-themed German chocolate cake featuring Michael Strahan’s familiar grin on a football made of cake. Kelly Ripa was fascinated by the cake and wanted to find out who made it.

Kelly Ripa: Good Relationships Make Good Athletes

Kelly Ripa shared a study from California State University that found that athletes being in stable relationships may improve their athletic performance. Michael Strahan said that probably holds true in any type of occupation.

“You also may see a boost in stamina on the track and in the sack,” Kelly Ripa read, eliciting uncomfortable laughs from the audience. “I did have some good years when I was playing,” Michael Strahan joked.

Spa La La La La Travel Trivia

The lucky trivia contestant today was Becky Dawes from New Ellenton, South Carolina. She said her husband is currently overseas working in Afghanistan, but has three weeks of leave coming up in January.

She was playing for a trip to the Windjammer Landing Villa Beach Resort & Spa, which seems to be a resort destination that comes up frequently on this contest!

The question of the day was: “We’ve had Heidi Klum on the show. Who is Heidi Klum married to?” The answer is Seal, and Becky got the correct answer immediately. She chose audience member 7 to receive a Jergens gift basket and $500.


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