Live With Kelly Ripa: Holiday Memories With Regis Philbin & Kelly’s Kids


Kelly Ripa Christmas Memories

“Year after year, I drag the kids on the show to make holiday treats. And year after year, it turns into a messy, sticky, disaster,” Kelly Ripa said. Mark Consuelos introduced today’s first holiday flashback, “Kelly & Kids.”

In the first clip from 2001, Kelly and Mark’s son Michael is too distracted by seeing himself on TV to help with making cookies. Before long, Regis Philbin has taken Michael under his wing. Kelly Ripa and another child explained that getting eggshells in the batter is good luck in China. “Yeah, but here you choke on it,” Regis Philbin said.


Regis Philbin & Kelly's Kids

The next clip, from 2002, featured Michael and baby Lola helping Regis and Kelly making holiday popcorn. Regis and Michael teamed up once again to aggravate Kelly, who continued to try to offer viewers tips on making popcorn ball snowmen, despite their antics.

By 2003, baby Joaquin had been born and Lola was old enough to walk. She did not have the same affection for Regis that Michael does. Once again, Regis and Michael had trouble following Kelly’s cooking instructions.


“This is all done to punish me. That’s the only reason they’re here really,” Kelly Ripa joked. “It’s a little Merry Christmas from the staff to me.”

In 2004, the family made chocolate cupcakes at home. They were supposed to be unwrapping Three Musketeers bars for the cupcakes, but the kids were more interested in chowing down on marshmallows.

By 2005, all the kids were back on set. Yet again, Regis and Michael teamed up and had trouble getting the hang of yet another holiday recipe. Then in 2007, Regis and the boys had a powdered sugar fight. Despite his curmudgeonly exterior, Regis Philbin was surprisingly good with Kelly’s children through the years.

Mark Consuelos Christmas Tree Cutting

In another holiday clip, Mark Consuelos went hunting for the perfect Christmas tree, armed only with a tape measure and his wallet. “Choosing the right Christmas tree is serious business,” he said. Once he got a tree that was too short, and he had to put bricks underneath it to make it taller.

After a 45 minute drive, Mark Consuelos arrived at Wilkens Tree Farm to search for a tree. The tree farm boasted about 10,000 trees, and Mark was looking for a 10’ tree. He explained that the too-short tree also smelled like cat pee. Tricia from the tree farm explained that it was probably a spruce tree. They are wonderful to look at outdoors, but they are not great for indoors.

Mark Consuelos and Tricia took a tractor ride out to the forest to cut down a tree. Tricia handed him a saw so he could cut down the perfect tree when he found it. Tricia reminded him to add the height of the tree stand and topper. After fumbling with the tape measure, he found a tree and got to work cutting it down.

Together, they hauled the tree back to the tractor. Tricia and the crew shook it out and helped get it ready to transport back to the city. Mark Consuelos said you could find Wilkens Tree Farm in Yorktown Heights, New York.


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