Live With Kelly: Who is Reggie Bush Dating? Does He Have Tattoos?

Live With Kelly: Donna Summer Died

The Miami Dolphins’ Reggie Bush joined Kelly today as co-host, and the first topic that came up was the topic that has been on everyone’s minds since yesterday: the untimely death of Disco Queen Donna Summer. Kelly said that Donna was a lady that truly “defined her life,” and that most of the music that she owns is Donna’s. Reggie said how much his mother loved Donna Summer, so he was very sad to hear of her passing from lung cancer at the age of 63. Kelly expressed how frustrated she is that cancer is still taking away people’s lives, saying, “enough with the cancer, already,” and she wished that a cure would be found soon.

Is Reggie Bush Single?

Reggie lightened the mood by talking about his night out last night, where he went out with some friends and watched the Miami Heat game. Kelly asked if by “friends,” Reggie actually meant, “girlfriend.” He laughed but she continued by asking him if he was single, to which he replied uncomfortably, “I’m dating.” “So you’re narrowing the field?” Kelly asked. “Let’s talk about the next thing…” Reggie responded. Looks like he’s got something going on, after all!

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