Live With Kelly: Nick Lachey Third Day as Co-Host


Nick Lachey: Wedding Ring

On “Live With Kelly” August 3, guest co-host Nick Lachey danced on out (“the limping man”) for his third day in a row beside Kelly Ripa. Nick and Kelly began their morning discussion with the topic of wedding rings, because Nick had almost forgotten his this morning. He is always worried about losing it, because he always takes it off for things like sleeping, showering, and working out. However, the moment the paparazzi catch a glimpse of his bare finger, they start snapping pictures and reporting that there’s “trouble in paradise!”

Nick Lachey August 3 2012: Live With Kelly

Nick Lachey guest co-hosted "Live With Kelly" for the third day in a row on August 3. (s_bukley /


Kelly said that she also takes her ring off, to put on lotion, so she’s always leaving it places that she shouldn’t. Gelman also chimed in, admitting that he never takes his ring off anymore, because he lost it once and never heard the end of it!

Kelly Ripa: Spray Tan & Waxing Dangers

Kelly read an article from the New York Times Style Section that described some summer beauty habits that may have hidden dangers. She was also proud to report that, with the exception of waxing, she partakes in every single thing on the list! One of the most common beauty rituals is spray tanning. However, it is very bad to get into your eyes or mouth, which Kelly pointed out is pretty much impossible to avoid.

Nick has a good friend who is a spray tanner to the stars in Hollywood, and she wears a mask. Kelly wanted to know if she ever shares any juicy details on the stars she sprays, but Nick said that she is very discreet. Kelly said, “give me her number– I’ll get it out of her!”


In addition to spray tanning, things that can also be harmful include manicures, pedicures, hair and eyelash extensions, and waxing. Waxing strips and sticks can spread bacteria if they are re-used, so make sure you or the professional waxing you are not double-dipping.

For manicures and pedicures, cuts on your hands and feet can easily give you an infection, so you should not have your cuticles cut. Hair extensions can add pressure to your scalp, which causes breakage. Kelly, who loves her hair extensions, said it’s “a risk she’s willing to take.” She even kissed the end of her hair.

Nick Lachey: Lounge Chair Police

Anyone who has taken a tropical vacation is familiar with the frustrating phenomenon of “reserved” lounge chairs: people wake up early and put towels on the chairs by the pool, leaving no chairs for anyone else who might appear. Well, it seems it’s not just vacationers who get annoyed by this, but cruise lines, too. Nick reported that many cruise lines are now cracking down on lounge chair offenders by limiting the time chairs can be reserved. After 40 minutes, the “lounge chair police” will take the spots back.

Kelly said that the first time she realized how aggressive lounge chair reserving can be was when she was on vacation with Mark in Hawaii, and even though she was a guest at the hotel, she had nowhere to sit. All the talk of cruises and lounge chairs had Kelly feeling nostalgic about her favorite childhood show, “The Love Boat.”

Surf’s Up Trivia: Drew Lachey

Speaking of vacations, a very luck “Live” viewer is heading to a great one thanks to her answer on today’s Surf’s Up Trivia question. Nick asked what sport his brother, Drew, did as a kid, and she remembered that it was gymnastics. Thanks to her correct answer, she won a trip to the Turtle Bay Resort in Hawaii. Plus, an audience member won an Omaha Steaks gift card.

Live With Kelly: Grilling with the Stars Winner

At the end of the show, Nick and Kelly revealed the winner of the Grilling with the Stars summer competition: Marilu Henner! Thanks to her delicious tomato and mushroom dish, Marilu has won $25,000 for her charity, Physician’s Committee for Responsible Medicine. Runner-Up Ashanti won $5,000 for her charity, Boys and Girls Club of America. Congrats to Marilu!



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