Live With Kelly & Nick Lachey: Paternity Leave Worldwide & Hot Peppers


Nick Lachey: Hot Peppers Are Hotter

Singer and TV host Nick Lachey returned to Live With Kelly August 20 2012 as Kelly’s guest co-host for the day. With summer drawing slowly to a close, Nick observed that this has been a particularly warm year.

He shared a story about how the heat and drought have affected our food supply in an interesting way: hot peppers grown this year are hotter. He warned people about ordering hot peppers next time they are out.


Kelly said her husband, Mark Conseulos, loves hot peppers. Nick whipped out a serrano pepper and bravely bit into it. His expression revealed that it was truly very hot. Kelly had to give him a blue card to spit it into. Nick blamed the show’s producer, Michael Gelman, for putting him up to the stunt.

Kelly Ripa Vs Nick Lachey: Hot Peppers

After that, Kelly took a shot and tried one of the peppers. A bite at a time, she had no trouble eating the hot pepper. “We eat a lot of spicy food in our house,” she said. “This is nothing. This is lipstick.”

Then she backtracked, suggesting that hers was a dud because she didn’t get a spicy one. Kelly reached for another pepper, saying, “I want to be hot like you, Nick Lachey.” But her second pepper was also mild.


Nick Lachey Paternity Leave Worldwide: Live With Kelly

Kelly Ripa & guest co-host Nick Lachey explored paternity leave worldwide, hotter hot peppers & how texting conveys genuine emotions. (Helga Esteb /

Nick said that his digestion and metabolism have changed as he has gotten older, and he doesn’t enjoy hot peppers as much anymore. Someone produced a glass of milk for him, which must have been a relief.

Live With Kelly: Paternity Leave Worldwide

Kelly asked Nick if he plans to take a paternity leave following the impending birth of his first child. He said he is lucky to have the ability to take the time to spend with a newborn. He is excited to be a part of it and change diapers.

For comparative purposes, Kelly shared some standards for paternity leave worldwide.

  • America: Some states mandate the option of up to 12 weeks unpaid leave.
  • Belgium: Three days leave at 100%; seven days at 82% pay through health insurance
  • Australia: 18 weeks leave at federal minimum wage, about $600 weekly
  • Japan: No guaranteed paternity leave
  • Greece: Five months for public workers; 17 weeks for private workers, at 100% pay

Nick asked what Kelly thought about the importance of paternity leave in her experience. She said Mark went right back to work after the births of their first two children, because they still worked on All My Children.

“At the moment after Vanessa gives birth, you have to become psychic, and you have to become like mist,” Kelly suggested. “You have to be there when she needs you and vanish the second the tides turn.”

Live With Kelly: Texting Shows Genuine Emotion

Nick Lachey shared a study that concluded texting to a significant other is somehow more genuine than spoken words. Messages such as “I love you” are taken as more genuine, in part because of the effects of the written word.

“When you write something down, you actually get to look at it before you hit ‘send,’” Nick said.

Both Kelly and Nick admitted to fighting with their spouses via text message. Kelly said texting back and forth to each other is a good way to fight without making a scene in front of the kids.

Live’s Cutest Kid Search Finalists & Voting

Voting for Live’s Cutest Kid Search is going on all week. Contestants are competing for a 7-day Norwegian cruise and a 2013 Dodge Journey, so it sounds like it’s more about the parents than the cute kids.

For those casting votes, there is a chance to win a $500 Bye Bye Baby gift card. Finalist photos are being interspersed throughout the show over the next two weeks. More information is available on the Live With Kelly official website.

Today’s finalists included:

  • Dalyse Beauford, Grimes, Iowa
  • Larenz Rosario, Honolulu, Hawaii
  • Lily Kelly, Jacksonville, Florida
  • Cole Brock, Austin, Texas
  • Harrison Sullivan, Amesbury, Massachusetts
  • Hailey Colon, Carmel, New York

Surf’s Up Travel Trivia: Channing Tatum

Samantha Putnam from Westfield, Massachusetts, was the day’s trivia contestant, appearing via Skype. She was playing for a trip to the Turtle Bay Resort in Hawaii.

What did Channing Tatum briefly do for a living early in his career and is now the subject of his recent film?

Samantha knew that Channing was a stripper, which was part of the inspiration for Magic Mike.

Someone in the studio audience also won $500 in Lenox china.

Nick Lachey: Stars Earn Stripes Review

At the end of the show, the co-hosts watched a clip from Nick in action on the NBC reality competition Stars Earn Stripes. The series airs Mondays on NBC, and Kelly is also anxious for updates on Nick’s upcoming special delivery.


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