Live With Kelly: Nick Lachey Co-Hosts


Live With Kelly: 2012 Doomsday?

Nick Lachey, the talented singer, actor, and television host, joined Kelly as guest co-host of the day. They first sat down together and made note of what a strange year 2012 has been thus far. Firstly, it has flown by (seriously!). Kelly also pointed out how uncharacteristically warm it has been– one of the warmest years ever on record.

Could all of this be a sign of our impending doom? As you might know, 2012 is reportedly supposed to be the last year on earth, at least according to the Ancient Mayan Calendar. As if it could get any worse, Kelly had some more bad news: an Ancient Mayan crystal skull, which was supposed to be one of the magical artifacts that could potentially save the world, has broken.


Nick Lachey: Live With Kelly June 19 2012

Nick Lachey and Kelly discussed 2012 Doomsday predictions & airplane cell phone etiquette. (Helga Esteb /

A clumsy lab technician in Germany dropped the skull, destroying the priceless object. Kelly said, “isn’t this the entire Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom plotline?” She took the words right out of my mouth.

Nick, however, had a more optimistic viewpoint. The 2012 Apocalypse is just a theory, after all. Kelly agreed that, when she was a kid, the world was “supposed” to end just about every three years. Every time you turned around, people were selling their belongings and prepping for the End of Days that never came. So there’s hope yet!


Live With Kelly: Cell Phone Airplane Rules

Do you always turn off your cell phone when you’re supposed to? Nick admitted that he doesn’t always follow the rules completely. Kelly, on the other hand, is a stickler for the rules. She said not only does she always turn off her phone, but she also complies fully with airplane rules about carry-on luggage and sitting in an upright position. Nick and his wife, Vanessa Minnillo, both like to bend the rules a bit and recline.

Live With Kelly: Japanese Ice Bra

Nick held up a picture of a new invention from Japan: an ice bra used to keep a woman cool. Kelly claimed that she only owns 2 bras, one black and one nude, the same ones she’s had forever.

Once on “Live,” a bra expert came to measure all of the women in the audience and adjust them to the correct bra size. Kelly said that, while almost everyone was wearing a bra too small, hers was too big– if that’s even possible, because she’s already an A cup. She called the bra she was supposed to wear “two walnut shells with dental floss.”

Spring into Spring Travel Trivia: John Slattery

Unfortunately, a caller lost out on a trip to Aruba when she could not remember the name of John Slattery’s character on Mad Men, which is Roger Sterling. She and an audience member did win Lenox place settings, however.


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