Live With Kelly: Nick Lachey and 98 Degrees Reunion


Lori Schulweis: Olympic Correspondent Back from London

On “Live With Kelly” August 2, Kelly was joined once again by co-host Nick Lachey. Kelly and Nick welcomed back Lori Schulsweis, “Live” production coordinator and Olympic Correspondent for the show. Kelly asked for Lori to bring her back something small from London, and she got a cool mug; however, Kelly said, what I really meant was for her to bring me an Olympic Diver!

Lori was at the Olympics for the exciting U.S. Team Gymnastics win. She said the she was “bawling her eyes out” as they played the National Anthem. She also said that there are a lot of American spectators over in London to support the athletes. She had a wonderful time and said that London was “sparkling.”


Live With Kelly: Phelps vs. Lochte and Water Polo

98 Degrees Reunion: Live With Kelly

On "Live With Kelly" August 2, Nick Lachey revealed that after eleven years, 98 Degrees will reunite. (Featureflash /

Nick said that he has spent a lot of time watching the Olympics; particularly sports that he would never otherwise watch, like two-man canoeing. It is all too easy to get swept up in the patriotism of the Games, which makes you want to catch all of the action. One sport that both Nick and Kelly are watching is Women’s Water Polo.

Kelly is fascinated at the women’s bathing suits, which are one-piece thongs. She wondered if maybe they wore thongs so that there was less fabric for their opponents to pull. Nick said that water polo is like “female mud wrestling underwater.” There is so much hitting, tugging and pulling, Kelly is shocked that they don’t drown!


Tonight on the Olympics, there will be another exciting showdown between Michael Phelps and Ryan Lochte. The last time the two U.S. swimmers went head-to-head, Lochte emerged victorious. However, since that time, Michael Phelps has become the most decorated Olympian ever– so anything can happen!

 Kelly Ripa: Danell Leyva and Olympic Parents

One of the most exciting stories of the Olympics so far has been American Gymnast Danell Leyva winning a Bronze medal in the All-Around competition after a disappointing start that almost cost him a shot at a medal. Nick said that it is amazing to watch the relationship between Danell and his step-father, who is also his coach.

Kelly said that every Olympic parent deserves a medal for all of the sacrifice and dedication they go through for their children– the audience agreed!

Kelly Ripa: “Nice Work if You Can Get It”

In addition to catching some great Olympic events, Kelly caught a Broadway show last night. She went to see Matthew Broderick and Kelly O’Hara in Nice Work if You Can Get It. She was so impressed with Matthew’s dancing, and said that he and Kelly are “the most charming people on Broadway.” She highly recommends seeing the show if you’re in New York.

Nick attempted to see a show last night in Central Park, but his wife, Vanessa came into town, and she– and her giant baby belly–  was too tired after the flight. Instead, they went out for some delicious barbecue. Now, that’s something a pregnant woman can enjoy!

Nick Lachey: Medals Not Solid Gold

Shockingly, Nick read from a story that said the Olympic Gold Medals are not even solid gold! Medals have gotten much bigger over the years, so they are made with both gold and silver. Kelly said that after so many years of sacrifice and hard work, the athletes deserve solid gold!

Additionally, Olympians are taxed on their prize money, and many Americans are calling for this to be revoked. Kelly and Nick both agreed that the amount of money– not to mention time– that both athletes and their parents spend during their lives should make them exempt from taxes.

Nick Lachey: 98 Degrees Reunion

Nick had some very exciting news to share: after eleven years apart, he and his bandmates from 98 Degrees are planning a reunion. The boy band– now, “man band”– will play the Mixtape Festival in Hershey, PA on August 18. After that, the guys will head back into the studio.

Nick said that he knows that they are now a “man band,” because instead of fun things like candy backstage, they are requesting Bengay and Metamucil!

Snoop Dogg Becomes Snoop Lion

Legendary rap star Snoop Dogg has announced that he is following in the vein of P Diddy and changing his name: he will now be known as Snoop Lion. The change has been inspired by a “born-again” experience with a Rastafarian. Instead of “bow wow wow” we will now hear “meow meow meow!”

Kelly Ripa: Brady Bunch Re-Boot

There is talk in Hollywood about a potential “Brady Bunch” re-boot series, and a local newspaper described their dream cast. Members included Andy Cohen as Mike, Kate Gosselin as Carol, and Suri Cruise as Cindy.

Nick said that it’s crazy how many shows are being re-booted; next, he would like to see “CHiPs.” Kelly said that she knows the perfect “Poncho”– Mark Consuelos!

Surf’s Up Trivia: Hotel Germs

A caller won a trip to the La Playa Beach Club in Naples, Florida when she remembered from Kelly and Nick’s discussion that remote controls have the most germs in a hotel room. Plus, an audience member won a Home Goods gift card.


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