Live With Kelly: New Co-Host Michael Strahan Replaces Regis Philbin


Live With Kelly: New Co-Host Announced

The wait is over! After nine months and dozens of guest co-hosts, Michael Strahan got the permanent gig as Kelly’s new co-host.

Kelly came out solo one last time to introduce the new man in her life. But first, she thanked the audience for watching the last 200 shows since Regis Philbin retired. The show, now in its 25th season in national syndication, is entering a new era.


She teared up a bit discussing the last long leg of her journey. “I have enjoyed every single, solitary person, except for, like, one,” Kelly said of her guest co-hosts.

Live With Kelly: Michael Strahan Revealed

Live With Kelly & Michael Strahan: New Co-Host

Michael Strahan was introduced as Kelly Ripa's new partner for Live With Kelly & Michael. (s_bukley /

Kelly’s new co-host, Michael Strahan, ran from a black SUV on the street into the studio in a stream of confetti and literally whisked Kelly off her feet, to cheers and applause. The show also unveiled a new Live with Kelly & Michael logo.


“I’m speechless,” Michael said once the cheers subsided. “I adore you, and I am so happy to be here and be a part of this.”

The pair does have chemistry, and they truly seem to connect with one another. Kelly quickly told Michael how much he should expect this gig to change his life, saying that she has missed him since the last time they worked together this summer.

Live With Kelly & Michael Strahan: Replacing Regis

As the co-hosts took their seats, Kelly had a surprise video clip for Michael. It was of his first Live appearance in 2008, after Michael Strahan and his team won that year’s Super Bowl. Back then, Regis asked about his future plans.

Michael suggested that he could take over Regis’s job once he left football behind. “You never know who’s going to sit here next,” Regis admitted. “I like the sound of that,” 2008 Kelly said.

It’s hard to believe how prescient jokes like that can sometimes be. Michael said that Regis set the bar, and admired his encouragement and example over the years. “I was joking, but I’m glad the joke came true,” he said.

“It was like a prophecy. Unbelievable,” Kelly said.

Michael Strahan & Kelly Ripa: TV Spouses

Michael said that Kelly is now his TV wife, and he got her a bouquet of roses to commemorate the occasion. Kelly said she received lots of congratulations from other guest co-hosts once the Strahan rumors began to leak. Michael said that fellow contender Josh Groban was very supportive, as were others on Twitter and via email.

He said that he was getting impatient not thanking people for their well wishes, and Kelly admitted she took a month off Twitter to avoid giving anything away about the surprise. Michael said he saw tabloid and paparazzi stories during his summer vacation.

Michael’s real life wife, Nicole, was also on hand for her husband’s first day. He said he was waiting outside in a car with blacked out windows, and he felt like the president.

Live With Kelly & Michael: Elisha Cuthbert Engaged

Kelly said that the show has spent the last month on vacation, and she is always nervous when they pre-tape episodes because news always breaks while they are gone. She wanted to catch up on a few news items that the show hasn’t had a chance to acknowledge. Elisha Cuthbert got engaged recently to Dion Phaneuf, and she congratulated the pair, who appeared during the show’s visit to Canada.

Michael Strahan: Pet Names Pet Peeves

Michael shared a survey of the 20 most hated pet names for women in relationships. They included ‘babe,’ which Kelly called “too generic.” Also on the list were ‘sweet cheeks’ and ‘snookums,’ as well as ‘baby doll,’ ‘muffin,’ and ‘sexy pants.’

If you’re looking for some less offensive adjectives, try ‘gorgeous,’ ‘beautiful,’ ‘love,’ ‘honey,’ ‘sexy,’ or ‘dearest.’ Did any of your relationship nicknames make the naughty or nice lists?

Kelly admitted that she and Mark Consuelos call one another “boo.”

Live With Kelly & Michael: Tooth Fairy Allowance

Kelly asked Michael what the tooth fairy gives his kids for their teeth. Kelly said sometimes the tooth fairy is overly generous to her kids because she doesn’t have change. Michael said that he thinks $5 is the high end of tooth fairy money. But he said his twins like to swipe his change for their piggy banks.

Kelly admitted that the tooth fairy once left $20 for one of her kids, eliciting boos from the audience. She said that she thinks $1 is a fair amount per tooth. I think I got roughly a quarter per tooth.

Remembering Michael Clarke Duncan

The Green Mile star Michael Clarke Duncan died this week at age 54. He suffered a myocardial infarction this July, from which he never recovered. He was engaged to Omarosa Manigault-Stallworth, who reported his death on Labor Day. Michael recalled fondly recalled pulling a prank on the late Duncan once.


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