Live With Kelly: Neil Patrick Harris Co-Hosts With Kelly Ripa


Neil Patrick Harris Co-Hosts With Kelly Ripa

Kelly Ripa welcomed Neil Patrick Harris back to the co-host desk. He last appeared on the show about a month ago, after Thanksgiving. Kelly Ripa said that it was a good thing someone was holding up a cue card with today’s date on it, or she would’ve forgotten what day it was.

Neil Patrick Harris joked with her in a nod to the fact that these holiday repeats have new, pre-taped host chat segments, asking her how she could forget the date. “These months fly by,” she explained with theatrical gestures.


Live With Kelly: Neil Patrick Harris Co-Hosts

Actor Neil Patrick Harris and Kelly Ripa chatted about Christmas with little kids, sleep texting, and forgetfulness before giving away a vacation. (Credit: Oscar Benjamin /

Neil Patrick Harris: Christmas With Kids

Neil Patrick Harris said that his kids were too young to enjoy their presents at Christmas, and instead would put the wrapping paper in their mouths. Kelly Ripa suggested introducing the kids to playing with tape, because they find it fascinating.

Kelly Ripa: Why Leaving The Room Makes You Forgetful

“Have you ever gone into a room and forgotten why you’re there?” Kelly Ripa asked. Neil Patrick Harris said that he has done that, and he says it’s because he can only focus on one task at a time. Kelly Ripa said there is a syndrome that can explain this behavior.


“Whenever you enter or exit through a doorway, the doorway serves as an event boundary for the mind, and it makes you physically forget why you are going into the room,” Kelly Ripa read. Neil Patrick Harris said it was confusing, and suggested that everyone live in giant lofts.

Neil Patrick Harris: Sleep Texting

Neil Patrick Harris brought up the phenomenon of sleep texting, sharing a brief story of a Texas woman who sent her boyfriend two text messages while she was asleep.  Tell us your sleep texting stories in the comments section below!

Spa La La La La Travel Trivia

Today’s contestant was Kathleen Lahneman from Coopersburg, Pennsylvania. She was on the phone from the hospital, where she was recovering from having a stent removed. She said she was a little woozy, but was laughing and in good spirits.

She was playing for a trip to the Windjammer Landing Villa Beach Resort & Spa in St. Lucia. The all-inclusive $8,200 trip featured two spa treatments per person. The question was: “We’ve had Brooke Shields on the show. In what 1980 film about love on a deserted island did Brooke Shields star?” The answer was Blue Lagoon, and Kathleen got it right.

Kathleen chose audience member 54 to win a Jergens skin care gift package and $500.


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