Live With Kelly: Neil Patrick Harris Co-Host


Live With Kelly: Neil Patrick Harris Tony Awards

Today’s “Live With Kelly” once again featured Neil Patrick Harris as co-host. Neil is a singer, dancer, and actor, but one thing he is not, as Kelly pointed out, is a tattoo artist. Neil admitted that he does not have any tattoos, and as we all know, Kelly does have some. Mark Wahlberg told her that getting them removed is like having “hot bacon grease splattered on your body.” Doesn’t sound too appetizing!

Neil is currently rehearsing for this Sunday’s Tony Awards, which he is hosting. Although Neil is definitely multi-talented, he revealed that rehearsing with so many talented dancers for the opening and closing numbers is exhausting; they can learn complicated dance steps in no time. He referred to Broadway dancers as the “unsung heroes” of the entertainment world.


Miley Cyrus Liam Hemsworth

Miley Cyrus's engagement to Liam Hemsworth was discussed by Neil and Kelly on "Live With Kelly"

Yesterday Kelly attended the piano recital of her daughter, Lola. Unfortunately, Lola does not like practicing the piano, but ended up doing fine. Part of the conditions of Lola receiving her new cell phone were that she had to practice. When Kelly mentioned the cell phone, Neil was surprised to hear that she had gotten one. Apparently, Lola has been asking Neil for a cell phone for Christmas for the past three years, without her mother’s permission.

Live With Kelly: National Runner’s Day

Yesterday was National Runner’s Day, and neither Kelly or Neil were aware, although they are both runners. Kelly enjoys running a lot, but Neil admitted he likes it much more on a treadmill. There are new very dangerous obstacle course classes that people can take that combine running with elements such as fire and electrical fences– probably something you’d have to sign a death waiver in order to take! Neil said that he had to sign several waivers when he went sky diving. Kelly brought up the 80-year-old skydiver story, and said that she found the scariest part to be her flapping skin.


Miss USA Controversy Day 2

Yesterday, the Miss USA controversy was revealed, in which Miss Pennsylvania withdrew herself from the organization with claims that the competition was rigged. Now, Donald Trump has said that if she does not withdraw her claims, he will sue her. Neil wondered what Miss Pennsylvania would be gaining by making such a fuss, besides publicity, of course. He said that it just made her look like a sore loser.

Live With Kelly: Ikea in Thailand

Neil and Kelly then discussed some of the latest news stories. Perhaps the funniest was about an Ikea store opening in Thailand. Apparently, some of the Swedish names that are assigned to the furniture are actually swear words in Thai. Neil read some of them and made Kelly guess as to what he might actually be saying. She apologized to the audience for reading out so many inappropriate words without knowing their meaning!

Another story involved a game in India that Neil nicknamed “bobbing for mackerel.” A young boy and his friends were trying to catch fish in a river using their mouths, but the boy actually inhaled a small fish without realizing it. He had to be rushed to the hospital when his lungs started hemorrhaging and a live fish was discovered inside of them. The boy is now okay, but he probably won’t be playing that game again.

Live With Kelly: Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth Engaged

Yesterday, news broke that 19-year-old Miley Cyrus had become engaged to her 22-year-old boyfriend, Hunger Games star Liam Hemsworth. Neil and Kelly both congratulated them and took a look at a picture of her new ring. It supposedly cost Liam $250,000 and was designed by Neil Lane. Kelly does not have an engagement ring, because she and Mark were never officially engaged. The ring she wears now was given to her by Mark for their tenth anniversary. He said that he wanted to make sure the marriage would last before spending so much money!

Spring into Spring Trivia and Cutest Kid Contest

During Spring into Spring travel trivia, a caller won a trip to Antigua by remembering that yesterday’s guest, Kerry Washington, was currently filming a movie in New Orleans. Kelly and Neil also announced a new Cutest Kid Contest. One baby and one big kid will be chosen to appear on “Live” and also win a Norwegian Cruise Line trip. The child with the most votes will go on to win a 2013 Dodge Journey. You can enter with your child’s photo by July 6, and find out more on the “Live With Kelly” site.




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