Live With Kelly: Michael Strahan Co-Hosted on Joe Ripa’s Birthday


Live With Kelly: Happy Birthday Joe Ripa

Michael Strahan co-hosted “Live With Kelly” once more on Tuesday, July 3 2012. As he joined Kelly Ripa in the co-host chair, Kelly pointed out that it was her dad’s birthday. Happy Birthday to Joe Ripa! She said that as each year passes, the audience gives less and less applause.

Kelly and Michael also shared what they did the previous night. Michael went to dinner with his girlfriend, and after walking nearly half the city to an Italian restaurant, she ate all of his pasta. Kelly had some friends over, “General Hospital” star Laura Wright and her husband. The Wrights own a vineyard in California, and produce their own brand of wine called Standing Sun Wine, so the adults enjoyed a wine tasting.


Kelly Ripa: Mark Consuelos Grilling

Live With Kelly: Fragrance Free Zones

Kelly Ripa and guest co-host Michael Strahan discussed Fragrance Free Zones and Joe Ripa's birthday.

Kelly said that for the Fourth of July, she and the family will be attending a cookout at a friends’ place. However, she said that both she and Mark love to host cookouts of their own. Kelly handles the side dishes, while Mark does all of the grilling. Both Kelly and Michael agreed that, for some reason, grilling is “a man thing.” Kelly joked that she is shocked that Mark doesn’t wear a loincloth when he grills, because he acts like a caveman.

Live With Kelly: Fragrance Free Zones

According to an article that Michael read, fragrance free zones in public are becoming more common. Kelly said that smells tend to bother her; her son, “He Who Must Not Be Named,” has started wearing a lot of Axe. Michael said that his older brother also wears Axe, because he fell for the commercial and believes that women will begin flocking to him.


Kelly admitted that, while she does not typically wear a lot of perfume, she has been wearing Narciso Rodriguez’s Essence. She has gotten many compliments on it– even from her sons!

Live With Kelly: Fear of Childbirth

Michael read from another article that described how women who fear childbirth actually end up having longer labors. However, as Michael said, “who doesn’t fear childbirth?” There was a pregnant woman sitting in the front row of the audience who did not seem to enjoy that topic of conversation!

Kelly said that with each of her pregnancies, she was equally terrified each time. While giving birth to Lola, Kelly was hooked up to a machine to monitor the baby’s heartbeat. On the machine, she could see each time she had a contraction. Mark was annoying Kelly by announcing each time a contraction started– as if she needed reminding!

Surf’s Up Travel Trivia: Sally Field

During Surf’s Up Travel Trivia, a Skype caller won a trip to South Carolina by remembering that yesterday’s guest, Sally Field, starred with Martin Sheen in the 1971 TV movie Mongo’s Back in Town. An audience member also won a gift card to Home Goods.

Live With Kelly: Kelly’s Inbox

At the end of the show, Kelly and Michael reminded everyone to enter the Coast to Coast Co-Host search on the “Live” site. Plus, they took a look at a couple of viewer emails from Kelly’s Inbox. There were plenty of women who were definitely scared of childbirth! However, one woman said that childbirth isn’t the problem; it’s after you give birth that you need to be afraid!



  1. Brandi says

    Great recap! Did you happen to catch the final viewer comment they read aloud about perfume? It was a funny little quote that was read right after the birth one. I liked it, but can’t remember it exactly. Thanks!

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