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Michael Strahan Co-Host June 22 2012

Michael Strahan is a former NFL defensive end for the New York Giants, and a frequent friend of “Live With Kelly.” Today, the football analyst joined Kelly as guest co-host. He and Kelly chatted about some of the latest news stories, plus gave away a great trip during Spring into Spring Travel Trivia.

Kelly Ripa: Blueberries Fight Aging for Women

If you’re a woman, get ready to run to the grocery store. Kelly read an article that stated blueberries, and also strawberries, help women stay sharp as they age. Women should be eating one cup of berries a week.


Michael Strahan: Live With Kelly June 22 2012

Guest co-host Michael Strahan talked about his favorite cake on Live With Kelly June 22 2012. (s_bukley /

Michael wondered how these things are tested. Do people come into a lab each day to eat some blueberries? Kelly said they must test people who are frequent berry eaters. Maybe they give them a memory game to play.

Michael Strahan: Favorite Cake

Speaking of aging, Michael was recently home in Houston to celebrate his father’s 75th birthday. However, the actions of certain family members and friends left him very disappointed. His mother makes a special cake for him when he comes home: yellow cake with chocolate frosting.


Not only did everyone eat his cake at the party, but some family friends actually took the cake home with them when they left! Michael even called out one of them by name: Miss Regina Wooten. I’m sure she’ll think twice the next time she wants to steal Michael’s cake!

Live With Kelly: Tasers Heart Risk

Just in case you didn’t already think tasers were hazardous to your health, Michael read from an article that stated getting hit by a taser will damage your heart. Kelly joked, “Oh no, I can’t use my taser anymore!” Did anyone really think tasers were safe before?

Michael and Kelly joked that it must have been terrible to participate in this study. Kelly would much rather try the blueberry one. Michael gave some good advice to future criminals: “before you rob a bank, get your heart checked.”

Live With Kelly: New Yorkers Staying Put

Kelly read that more and more New Yorkers are sticking to their same neighborhoods. This seems to have a positive effect, as those people live longer. Kelly and Mark have lived in the same building for a long time. Kelly said that she feels like she knows most of the people in her neighborhood, and sees them around often. People think of New York as being a big, unfriendly place, but Kelly said she feels a great sense of community.

Michael brought up the time that he came to Kelly’s apartment to babysit her kids. It’s something he said he will never do again. Lola made him play dress up with her, involving lots of makeup and tiaras. They showed a picture of Lola putting lipstick on Michael!

Live With Kelly: Spring into Spring Travel Trivia

Today’s Spring into Spring Travel Trivia question was, what 1976 horror film starred Sissy Spacek? A caller won a trip to the Wyndam Grand Orlando Resort in Florida when she answered, Carrie. An audience member also won a gift card for movie tickets from Fandango.

 Live With Kelly: Kelly’s Inbox

At the end of the show, Kelly and Michael took a look at some viewer questions. One viewer wrote in to tell Kelly that watching her show calmed his screaming toddler. When another viewer asked Michael if he could sing, he sang a few lines of Usher’s “U Got it Bad.” They also chatted with the talented “Live” set designer, plus a man who volunteered to participate in a taser study for local news. He said “it felt like getting hit by a mac truck!”



  1. Linda Armstrong says

    Please send me the recipe for Mrs. Strahan’s yellow cake with chocolate frosting as shown on the show today. I could not find it on the website. Thank you.
    Linda Armstrong

  2. Tonya Bell says

    I too have searched all over for the yellow cake & choc frosting recipe with unsuccessful results. Please email me the recipe.. Thank You

  3. Judi Johnson says

    Can not find the recipe for Michael’s favorite cake his mom made on live with Kelly and Michael. Please send. Thank you.

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