Live! With Kelly & Michael: Nominated For Two People’s Choice Awards


Kelly & Michael: Kelly Ripa Nyquil

Kelly and Michael were both ready for an all-new Tuesday show, because they had both enjoyed very relaxing Monday afternoons. Kelly got her hair dyed, so now she feels “whole again.” The process of covering her grays takes about an hour-and-a-half. Michael’s lazy Monday afternoon included a long, Nyquil-induced nap, followed by some Monday Night Football. Kelly once took Nyquil before performing a scene on All My Children, and it knocked her right out.

Kelly & Michael: Early Risers Are More Positive

Live! With Kelly & Michael: Nominated For Two People's Choice Awards

Kelly and Michael discussed their People’s Choice Awards nominations and Burger King delivery during Host Chat. (Susan Law Cain /


A University of Toronto study has shown that early risers have a more positive outlook on life than those who sleep in. To Kelly and Michael, this study makes perfect sense. Michael said that since starting the show, he feels a lot more positive. Which one are you, an early or a late sleeper?

Kelly Ripa: Hostess Twinkies Deal

Michael and the audience were all shocked when Kelly admitted that her children have never tried Twinkies. There may be hope for the Consuelos kids yet, because Hostess and the Baker’s Union may be working out a deal to save Twinkies and more of our favorite snacks. Michael said that Hostess cupcakes got him through college; even when he had no other food, he always had some in his dorm room.

Michael Strahan: Burger King Delivery

Hey, Manhattanites: have you ever craved a Whopper but didn’t feel like getting off the couch? You’re in luck, because all of your lazy dreams are now coming true. Just like McDonald’s has done for years, Burger King has begun delivering in New York. It’s available on Manhattan only for now, but will soon be expanding to Brooklyn and Queens. Michael really liked the idea of fast food delivered right to his door.


Kelly & Michael: Online Shopping From Toilet

Americans are great at multi-tasking, but did you know that 38 million Americans like to shop while on the toilet? Additionally, 4 million have admitted to shopping online while driving. If that sounds dangerous– or gross- to you, you’re not alone; Kelly doesn’t like the idea of “cross-contamination.”

Kelly & Michael: Nominated for People’s Choice Awards

Good news for everyone’s favorite daytime hosts: Kelly and Michael have just been nominated for two People’s Choice Awards. They are both nominated in the “Favorite Daytime TV Hosts” category, and Michael Strahan is nominated in the “Favorite New Talk Show Host” category. People’s Choice Awards voting can be done online, so don’t forget to cast your ballot for Kelly and Michael. See more of the hosts’ reactions to their nominations during Host Chat below.


Michael Strahan: Ape Mid-Life Crisis

Men often have mid-life crises, but it’s now been proven that middle-aged apes actually suffer the same fate. If men buy themselves fancy cars, what does an ape do? Find a new tree? It’s an interesting idea. Michael hasn’t hit his mid-life crisis yet, so he’s wondering what will happen when he does.

Fall Into the Holidays Trivia: Katie Holmes

A caller (and Black Friday shopper) won a trip to the Fairmont Mayakoba Resort in Riviera Maya, Mexico, when she correctly answered the Fall Into the Holidays Trivia Question: How many sisters does Katie Holmes have? The answer is three. Plus, an audience member won a set of Lenox China.


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