Live With Kelly & Michael: Kate Middleton Pregnant?


Kelly & Michael: Dancing with the Stars?

On Live! with Kelly & Michael September 12, the co-hosts danced out to an excited crowd Wednesday morning crowd. Kelly and Michael are both so good at dancing, it got Kelly wondering: they should try their luck on Dancing with the Stars!

If they were partners, Michael believed that they would make it all the way to the end of the competition. Kelly liked the idea of having a partner who could throw her “like a rag doll!”


Michael Strahan: Happy Birthday Michael Jr

Kelly & Michael: Kate Middleton Pregnant?

Is Kate Middleton pregnant? Kelly and Michael discussed the rumors. (waynehowes /

Michael’s son, Michael Strahan Jr, was celebrating a birthday on September 12, turning eighteen. Proud dad Michael showed a picture of his son, whom he said is very good at math and science. However, just like Kelly’s son Michael (aka, He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named), Michael Strahan Jr is very shy. Kelly described how her son turns into “the human croissant” whenever he receives a compliment.

Kelly & Michael: Randy Jackson Back on American Idol

As Michael pointed out, pretty much everyone has been thinking that American Idol judge Randy Jackson had left the show. There were rumors that he would return, but only as a mentor. However, it’s been confirmed by former AI judge Simon Cowell that Randy will stay on the show alongside new judge Mariah Carey. As Kelly said, “it’s not American Idol without Randy Jackson!”


Kate Middleton Pregnant?: Celebrity Baby News

The world is buzzing with celebrity baby news from Hollywood and beyond. First off, Kelly was very excited at the prospect of a new royal baby from Kate Middleton and Prince William, the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall. Pregnancy rumors are currently swirling Kate, who was seen in Singapore toasting with water instead of champagne. Pregnant, or just not in the mood for boozing?

Celebrity baby news that can be confirmed is that True Blood stars Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer have just welcomed a set of twins. So, as Kelly said, the world just got “two new baby vampires.” Congratulations to Anna and Stephen.

In more baby news, newlywed Blake Lively (who just married Ryan Reynolds this past weekend) has stated in an interview that she wants to have “30 babies” with her new hubby. Michael offered up his own kids for a test run. “That will change her mind fast!” he said. Good luck with that, Blake!

Kelly Ripa: Acupuncture on Live!

Kelly revealed that she has been suffering from neck pain for quite some time. Although acupuncture has been suggested to her, she is reluctant to try it because of her fear of needles. However, Michael highly recommends acupuncture.

Gelman said that they could both try it on the show (although that doesn’t sound very relaxing). But Kelly had other ideas; “if they’re gonna stick a needle in me, it should at least be Botox,” she said.

Kelly Ripa: Carrie Ann Inaba Break-up

Kelly’s pal and frequent Live! guest co-host Carrie Ann Inaba has unfortunately just announced that she has split from her fiance, Jesse Sloane. Kelly reminded everyone that the couple actually got engaged on the show. However, Kelly admitted that she had been seeing red flags. The pair had been engaged for a very long time, and still had made no wedding plans.

Kelly and Mark eloped sixteen years ago, and Kelly highly recommended eloping for anyone who wants to get married. Michael said that maybe he and his fiance, Nicole, will give it a shot!

Kelly & Michael: Endless Summer Trivia

On Endless Summer Trivia, the question was: who is U.S. Open champion Andy Murray’s coach? The answer was Ivan Lendl, but unfortunately, the trivia caller missed the correct answer. But she and a lucky audience member still went home with a gift certificate to

Kelly & Michael: Cutest Kid Photo Shoot

The Cutest Kid contest continued on September 12, when we took a look behind-the-scenes with a photo shoot from our finalists.  All of the adorable big kids and babies participated, plus Kelly and Michael, as well! From the girls trying on headbands with Kelly to Michael sporting a baby bjorn with baby Jax, it looked like a lot of fun.

The winner will be announced on Live!  September 14, and starting on September 13, you can vote from home. The winning big kid and baby will receive a seven-day Norwegian cruise, and the child with the most overall votes will receive a 2013 Dodge Journey.

Kelly & Michael: Inbox

At the end of the show, Kelly and Michael had a few moments to look at some viewer emails from the inbox. We saw a lazy cat named Dewey who loves watching Live!, plus learned that Michael has four children. His fiance, Nicole, has five, and if you add in Kelly’s three… that’s one big daytime TV family!


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