Live With Kelly & Michael: Happy Columbus Day & Canadian Thanksgiving


Happy Columbus Day & Canadian Thanksgiving

Kelly & Michael October 8 celebrated two important North American holidays: Columbus Day and Canadian Thanksgiving. There were a few Canadians in the audience who revealed that they also eat turkey for Thanksgiving; they don’t, however, eat Vegemite  one of Kelly’s favorite “acquired tastes” (that’s from Australia).

Kelly & Michael’s Weekend Plans

Kelly & Michael were both very busy this weekend. Kelly attended a soccer tournament for her kids, and she and Mark also had a date night. Michael had a big football watching weekend, and also brought his parents and friends with him out to Los Angeles. The Strahans took a bus tour of stars’ homes around L.A, and did all of the touristy things that would embarrass their son!


Live With Kelly & Michael: Happy Columbus Day & Canadian Thanksgiving

Kelly & Michael October 8 celebrated Columbus Day & Canadian Thanksgiving.

Michael also went to the movies and saw Taken 2 starring Liam Neeson. He really enjoyed the film, but what he didn’t enjoy was the constant texting of the person in front of him. Michael even had to say something to the guy, which as Kelly pointed out, must have been totally terrifying; imagine Michael Strahan confronting you in a dark movie theater? I would put my phone away, and fast!

Wife Carrying Contest

It doesn’t even sound like a real event, but Kelly & Michael had the video to prove it; a Finnish couple recently won the North American Wife Carrying Contest. After maneuvering a difficult obstacle course all while carrying his wife on his back, the winner eventually won his wife’s weight in beer and five times her weight in cash.


They’re not technically a real married couple, but Kelly believes that she and Michael could easily win the Wife Carrying Contest. Michael said that for him, it would be as easy as wearing a pair of shoulder pads.

Hot Tub Cinema

In London, there is a new type of movie viewing experience where you probably wouldn’t have to worry about cell phones. In the “Hot Tube Cinema,” people relax in inflatable hot tubs while watching movies. For Kelly, it looks more like sitting in a giant toilet with strangers. She’ll pass!

Baby Alligator Birthday Rental

For 175 dollars, you can rent a baby alligator for your child’s next birthday party! Don’t worry– his mouth is taped shut. Then, he swims around the pool with the kids. It sounds fun for the kids, but what about the alligator?

‘Celebrity Splash’ Diving Competition

Here’s the next big thing in celebrity reality shows: “Celebrity Splash,” a show which will feature celebrities learning how to perform Olympic level dives. “This could finally be the competition that kills a celebrity,” Kelly said.

Endless Summer Trivia: Chace Crawford

In Endless Summer Travel Trivia, a caller won a trip to the Tradewinds Resort in St. Pete Beach, Florida, when she answered the trivia question: What did Chace Crawford work as before becoming an actor? He was a valet. Plus, an audience member won an Omaha Steaks Gift Card.


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