Live With Kelly: Matthew Morrison Co-Hosts from Hawaii


Matthew Morrison: Back-Up Singer for Don Ho

On “Live With Kelly” August 7, we returned to Hawaii where Kelly had hosted a week full of shows at Disney’s Aulani Resort in Oahu. On Tuesday morning, Matthew Morrison from “Glee” was Kelly’s guest co-host. Kelly and Matthew were welcomed by some beautiful Hawaiian dancers, but Matthew is no stranger to the island: he called it his “second home.”

Matthew Morrison: Live With Kelly Hawaii

Guest Co-Host Matthew Morrison described the Hawaiian "Aloha Spirit" on "Live With Kelly." (Helga Esteb /


When Matthew was in high school, he sang back-up for legendary Hawaiian singer Don Ho, known for hits such as “Tiny Bubbles.”  Matthew had first come to Hawaii as a part of a show choir– just like a glee club!– and Don had singled him out. Matthew then came to Hawaii every summer. He said that the best part of the Hawaiian people is their “Aloha Spirit.”

Kelly Ripa: Hawaiian Word of the Day

On her first day in Hawaii, Kelly found out that her Hawaiian name is the same as her real name! She also learned that the Hawaiian language only uses twelve letters. The beautiful Miss Hawaii stopped by to teach Kelly and Matthew a little more about the Hawaiian language, plus the Hawaiian word of the day: ‘Le’ale’a,’ which means ‘to have fun.’

Kelly Ripa: Visit to Pearl Harbor

Kelly said that she and her family had some time to visit Pearl Harbor, the site of the attack on the U.S. Navy that catapulted the States into World War II. It was an amazing experience, and Kelly and Matthew will take a look at Kelly’s visit later on in the show!


Live With Kelly: Daily Dial Trivia

A caller lost out on a trip of her own when she could not answer which animal’s fighting style Nicolas Cage adopted for his latest film (the answer was a cobra). However, both she and an audience member received a gift card to

Carson Kressley: Dream Wedding Update

At the end of the show, Kelly and Matthew were joined by the Dream Wedding Giveaway winning couple, Eileen and Kevin, as well as Carson Kressley. Carson is helping out with wedding plans, and he showed the couple the flowers that he had been working on: beautiful gold and cream colored bouquets, meant to accentuate the natural beauty of the Hawaiian landscape. Carson is adding a rainbow and a hawk to the bouquets; two symbols that to the couple, represent their lost spouses which they believe brought them together.

Now to the best part: the cake! Carson planned a four-tier cake with almond, red velvet, and passion fruit flavors. All of the delicious cake was made right on site by the chefs at Aulani.

On Friday’s show, tune in to see all of Eileen and Kevin’s beautiful wedding!

Watch to Win Keyword

Don’t forget that Matthew Morrison sang back-up for Don Ho: it’s the answer to the Watch to Win Question. Enter the answer on the “Live With Kelly” site for a chance at your own trip to Aulani.


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