Live With Kelly: Mark Feuerstein from “Royal Pains” Co-Hosts


Mark Feuerstein Co-Host: TV Doctors

Kelly Ripa and guest co-host Mark Feuerstein, the star of USA’s “Royal Pains,” were welcomed by an energetic crowd on “Live With Kelly” Friday, July 6. On his hit show, Mark plays Dr. Hank Lawson, a “doctor for hire” to rich and famous clients in the Hamptons, New York. Kelly told Mark that she believes if an actor plays a doctor on television long enough, he essentially becomes a real doctor. She always used to ask her soap co-stars for medical advice if they played a doctor on the show.

Live with Kelly: 51 Pound Tumor

Mark Feuerstein: Live With Kelly

Mark Feuerstein from "Royal Pains" guest co-hosted "Live With Kelly" July 6 2012. (Featureflash /


Speaking of medical doctors… Mark brought up a story of a 51 pound tumor being removed from a woman in New Jersey. She had no clue that it was there, and it took a five hour surgery to remove it. Kelly wondered what most of us must be thinking: how did she not notice? Mark (the resident doctor) said that a story like this is a good reminder to pay attention to what’s going on in your body.

Kelly said that she will never go to the doctor, but Mark will go for every little issue; for Mark Feuerstein, his wife is the hypochondriac. Kelly told a story about Mark thinking he had strep throat and forcing everyone to go to the doctor. He and the whole family got tested and were fine– all except Kelly. It turned out that she was the one who had strep throat the whole time, and didn’t know it!

Live With Kelly: “Cat Lady” Syndrome

Everyone is familiar with the “cat lady” stereotype; the crazy old woman who lives alone in her apartment with a dozen cats. Shockingly, this is actually a real phenomenon! There is a parasite that lives in cat litter that will actually cause people to go a little crazy. Kelly already knew that pregnant women are supposed to stay away from cat litter for that reason. Mark actually had to get rid of his cats when his wife got pregnant.


Live With Kelly: New Wedding Ring

Kelly and Mark chatted about a new type of wedding ring that will actually emboss the phrase “I’m married” onto the wearer’s finger. So if you don’t trust your spouse, go pick one up today!

Kelly pointed out that there are some women who actually seek out married men to have affairs with on purpose. She knows this from watching too many episodes of “Dr. Phil,” however, she can’t relate. Kelly joked, “I’m married, I don’t want to fool around with anyone, not even my husband!”

Live With Kelly: Advice for Runners

Kelly read from an article that described how runners can learn to become faster from studying the cheetah. However, much of this advice seemed pretty obvious: as Mark said, “Wow, if you move your legs faster, you run faster? Who knew!” Kelly’s oldest son is a runner, and she said he is very fast.

Mark, who played football in high school, said that he is not very fast. Kelly was impressed that he played football, but he said it was just “private school football.” That meant that it was a bunch of short Jewish kids like himself, begging to not get hit!

Surf’s Up Trivia: Carrie Ann Inaba

A caller won a trip to Antigua when he answered that yesterday’s guest co-host, Carrie Ann Inaba, toured with Madonna as a back-up dancer. A lucky audience member also won a small appliance package from Breville.


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