Live With Kelly: Mark Consuelos Returns With Kelly Ripa


Mark Conseulos Christmas Shopping

It’s the first Live With Kelly Christmas episode since Regis Philbin retired, but thanks to the power of video clips, the man who started it all can still make an appearance in today’s best-of holiday episode.

Kelly Ripa & Mark Consuelos Co-Host


Meanwhile, actor Mark Consuelos is back sitting next to his wife, Kelly Ripa. He said he is exhausted just from watching Kelly Ripa prepare for the holidays, between planning, shopping, and other events. “What would our family do without you during Christmas?” Mark Consuelos asked.

Kelly Ripa: Holiday Shopping Online

“I have done a tremendous amount of my holiday shopping online this year,” Kelly Ripa said. That makes two of us. I only bought one gift this year in a store, and that was kind of an accident. Mark Consuelos has not done any shopping, online or off, he reports. “Wait till you see what you got me this year,” Kelly Ripa said. “I can’t believe the amount of money you spent.”  If you are still looking for great holiday gifts for friends and family, checkout the Live With Kelly Gift Guide!

Mark Consuelos: How Often Men Think About Sex

Kelly Ripa asked Mark Consuelos how many times a day he thinks about “being intimate,” as she delicately phrased it. He said he thinks about it countless times a day, because that is how men are wired. According to a study, Kelly Ripa reported that the average man only thinks about it 19 times a day, which she said seems like a lot. Women, on the other hand, think about it 10 times a day. “Who are these women?” Kelly Ripa wondered.


Spa La La La La Travel Trivia

Shalyn Carr from Woodstown, New Jersey, was today’s travel trivia contestant. They showed a picture of her four-year-old son, Tyler. She also had a two-year-old daughter. Shalyn Carr was playing for a trip to the Windjammer Landing Villa Beach Resort and Spa. The all-inclusive trip was valued at $8,500.

Today’s question was: “We had Aaron Eckhart on the show. What comic book hero was Aaron’s 2008 film, The Dark Knight, about?” The answer was Batman, and though the contestant did not get it right, she and audience member 10 each received a Jergens skin care basket and $500.


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