Live With Kelly: Mark Consuelos Returns To Co-Host With Kelly Ripa


Mark Consuelos & Kelly Ripa: Home For The Holidays

‘Twas five days before Christmas, and all through the place, the audience was cheering with smiles on their face. The set was alive with bright trees everywhere, and bows did abound near the co-host chairs.

Kelly Ripa Christmas Tree Snake


Mark Consuelos returned to co-host with Kelly Ripa for Live’s Home For The Holidays Holiday Spectacular. The husband-and-wife team arrived at the studio on a bus also carrying the Radio City Rockettes, who performed later in the show.

Kelly Ripa: Toy Roller Coaster & Rockettes

Kelly Ripa told the story of the first time she saw the Rockettes perform, when she was six years old. She was so captivated by their performance that it inspired her to move to New York City. The fact that she only grew to be 5’4” dashed her hopes of ever becoming a Rockette, however. But the annual Rockette spectacular, along with the Nutcracker, is one of Kelly Ripa’s favorite holiday traditions.

Mark Consuelos asked if Kelly needs him to put together any Christmas presents for their kids this year. He told the story of a giant Kinect roller coaster they once assembled for their son, Michael. He started putting it together at 10 p.m. one night, and ran out of pieces at 5:30 a.m.


Kelly Ripa: Snake in Christmas Tree

Kelly Ripa shared a home video of a North Carolina family who decorated their tree, only to discover a snake lurking inside. The video showed a man retrieving the 12” Corn Snake as Kelly freaked out and Mark teased her, saying the snake was hardly anything to be worried about. But Kelly said the prospect of a snake in her Christmas tree is her new #1 fear.

Spa La La La La Travel Trivia

Today’s contestant was Beth Fennell from Staten Island, New York. She plans to spend Christmas with her family in New Jersey this year. Beth was playing for a trip to Rosewood Tucker’s Point in Bermuda, a seven-day, six-night trip valued at $13,000.

The question was: “We’ve had Daniel Craig on the show. What character did Daniel play in two of a long-running series of films?”

The answer was James Bond, and Beth came up with the right answer just before time ran out. Audience member 160 received a Jergens skin care package and $500.


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