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Mark Consuelos: Kelly Ripa’s Co-Host Search is Like Dating

Joining Kelly Ripa at the co-host desk today was her husband Mark Consuelos. “There’s a lot of guys in and out of this room,” Mark Consuelos said, mentioning that Kelly Ripa never really dated before they got married. He compared her search for a new co-host to the chance at dating she never had when she was young and single.

Kelly Ripa & Mark Consuelos

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She called it TV dating. Mark Consuelos wondered if she plays as hard to get with her guest co-hosts as she does at home. He hopes she passes that skill on to their daughter. But Kelly Ripa points out that Mark Consuelos enjoys the thrill of the hunt. “Even after you’re married, you still have to play a little bit hard to get with your husband,” she explained.

Tyra Banks America’s Next Top Co-Host

“We’ve tried The Bachelor method in the co-host search,” Kelly Ripa said. “Here’s the latest reality show to give us a hand in the co-host search.” In this taped segment, recent co-hosts strutted their stuff in front of Tyra Banks as they competed to become America’s Next Top Co-Host.

Contestants included Taye Diggs, Josh Groban, Michael Strahan, Neil Patrick Harris, Mark Consuelos, Jerry O’Connell, and Andy Cohen, who each spouted a reality TV cliché to intimidate their competition.


Tyra Banks issued the guys their first challenge, a photo shoot with Kelly Ripa. The guys each had their own silly style in their poses with Kelly, as Tyra called the shots. After the photo shoot, it was time for the guys to show off their model walks. Neil Patrick Harris lost his footing, and Josh Groban did a bit of high stepping.

Then it was time for the results. But the segment ended with a cliffhanger before Tyra Banks could reveal who was still in the running as America’s Next Top Co-Host.

Holiday Shopping Parking Tips

One of the most stressful things about holiday shopping, Mark Consuelos said, is parking at the mall. He shared some tips from a magazine article. If you’re in a hurry, don’t search for the spots directly at the door. Those are the spots Mark Consuelos likes to search for, and sometimes he gets lucky.

“Determine which row is equidistant between two entrances,” Mark Consuelos read aloud. The two co-hosts expressed confusion about this and other parking tips. “Based on the curve, the walking distance to the door is probably shorter than parking directly across from the doors, but at the back of the lot.” These parking tips confounded the husband and wife.

Kelly Ripa suggested a tip of her own: park near a restaurant entrance at the mall. Her theory is that people go to the mall for the stores, and while shopping they get hungry. According to this idea, it will be easier to find parking near mall restaurants because most people don’t go to the mall with the intention of eating.

Kelly Ripa also complained about people who take their time vacating a parking spot when they know you are waiting for them to leave. Mark Consuelos pointed out that Kelly Ripa does the same thing when they are in a hurry to leave the house.

Mark Consuelos: Always On Time?

Mark Consuelos says that he likes to be five minutes early everywhere they go. But Kelly Ripa doesn’t think they leave the house at the same time very often. The audience seems to be siding with Mark Consuelos, but Kelly Ripa points out that the audience won’t be going home with them later.

She also says that Mark Consuelos makes them so early that they sometimes show up before the party’s hosts. “I don’t know why you don’t realize it makes us look desperate and sad,” she said. Mark Consuelos says he feels safe in front of the audience, like he is in therapy. He invites the audience home with them. Kelly Ripa suggests that the ladies just take him home with them.

Spa La La La La Travel Trivia

Today’s contestant, Harvey Kloos, appeared via Skype from his home in Canyonville, Oregon. He retired from Tampa, Florida, to his new home in Oregon. Kelly Ripa said that seemed backwards. Harvey said that he moved to Oregon because he missed the mountains.

Ironically, Harvey was playing for a trip to the Wyndham Grand Orlando Resort in Bonnet Creek, Florida. The 8-day, 7-night trip included spa treatments, meal credits, and air fare, and was a $5,500 value.

The trivia question was: “Last week, Michael Buble co-hosted with Kelly. What country is Michael originally from?”

Harvey guessed France, but the correct answer was Canada. “You really didn’t want to go to Florida,” Mark Consuelos joked.

Harvey and audience member 69 received a Jergens skin care package and $500.

Reminder: Kelly’s Girls Night Out Contest

Kelly Ripa reminded everyone to enter her Girls Night Out contest, which she announced on a recent show. Click on the following link for all of the details of how to enter: Kelly’s Girls Night Out Contest.


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