Live With Kelly: Mark Consuelos Co-Hosts Memorial Day Show


Live With Kelly: Mark Consuelos Co-Hosts

Kelly’s husband, actor Mark Consuelos, joined his wife as guest co-host for today’s Memorial Day Show. They danced out to their seats and then Kelly asked, “shouldn’t I be over you by now?” The two have been married for sixteen years.

Part of the key to their success as a couple, according to Mark, is when to know when his wife has PMS. Like a dog predicting an earthquake, he can sense it coming a week away. He says that the trick is to “stay calm, don’t move.”


Another instance when Kelly gets mad at Mark is when she is trying on dresses. Mark revealed that the worst thing he can say is “you look cute.” Apparently, she goes nuts when he says that. She wants to look “edgy and sophisticated,” not cute. Then Kelly joked that she couldn’t look edgy and sophisticated if she tried.

Live with Kelly: Mark Conseulos Memorial Day

For the Memorial Day show, Kelly Ripa's husband Mark Conseulos was her co-host. (lev radin /

Live With Kelly: Home Hair Dye Kits

Mark was a little bit sore today, because he has been taking Jujitsu lessons and training with a UFC fighter. By just rolling over on the mat, he gets sore. Another thing that would get Mark sore: he read an article about a man in Ontario who got into a fight with his wife and cut up her shoes. Kelly said, “that would be the last thing you ever cut up.”


Mark also read a study that said more women are coloring their hair at home, because it is too expensive at the salon. Mark brought up his mom, and the strange method she uses to color her hair.

She cuts holes in a large trash bag for her head and arms and applies the color with a brush. Kelly said that she “looks like one of the California Raisins.” Mark told a story about coming home from school with some friends around fourth or fifth grade and being very embarrassed.

Kelly tugged on her hair to show that she has all grey roots, so therefore must color her hair blonde. On the other hand, Mark gets asked all the time if he colors his hair, but he has natural black hair with no greys. Kelly joked that he is the one who gave her all the grey hairs.

Travel Trivia: Bill Paxton

During Spring into Spring Travel Trivia, a caller was asked “on what long running television series did Bill Paxton star?” She correctly answered “Big Love,” and won a trip to the Wild Dunes Resort in South Carolina. An audience member also won Lenox China.

Live With Kelly: Katie Brown Summer Games

Later in the show, TV host and author Katie Brown joined Mark and Kelly to talk about some fun games for the summer. They played a cool game of homemade Twister (during which Kelly wore a pair of stilettos).  You can spray-paint the colored circles onto your lawn.

They also played a game involving donuts hanging from trees, homemade bowling with recycled bottles and mini basketballs, and mini-golf. The last game that they played was a very messy contest to see who could bob for an apple and then dip it into caramel, with hands tied behind their back. Mark ended up winning, but not without Kelly attempting to cheat every step of the way.


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