Live With Kelly: Mark Consuelos Co-Hosts from Hawaii


Kelly Ripa: “Live With Kelly” from Hawaii?

“Live With Kelly” August 9 continued at Disney’s Aulani Resort, with Kelly Ripa and her guest co-host, Mark Consuelos, who were welcomed out with a traditional Hawaiian Pu (conch shell) Ceremony. Kelly and Mark admitted that they have both been having such a great time in Hawaii. The kids are having fun, Mark is tan, and both Mark and Kelly think that they are “less annoying” in Paradise. So, Mark asked, why don’t we just refuse to go home?

Kelly said that she recently did a radio show, and the host asked her if she’d like to stay in Hawaii and do her show here. Kelly is trying to convince Gelman!


Kelly Ripa: Hawaiian Word of the Day

Mark Consuelos Surfing: Live With Kelly

Co-Host Mark Consuelos learned how to surf in Hawaii on "Live With Kelly" August 9.

Mark learned that his Hawaiian name is Koa (which Kelly finds very sexy). All week long, Kelly has also been learning a new every day Hawaiian word each show. Thursday’s word was “Nanea,” which means to relax and enjoy. Kelly said that in Hawaii, they’ve been “nanea-ing” left and right!

Kelly Ripa: Daily Dial Trivia

Unfortunately, a caller lost out on a great trip to the St. James Club in Antigua when she could not remember the trivia question of the day: What was the name of Jorge Garcia’s character on “Lost?” The answer was “Hurley.” However, both she and an audience member won a gift card to Pier 1.


Mark Consuelos: Surfing on Oahu

Later in the show, we took a look back at some footage of Mark and the Dream Wedding couple, Eileen and Kevin, trying their hand at surfing. The conditions were perfect, and everyone looked great practicing on their boards in the sand. However, getting in the water was a whole other story!

Mark had a few bad falls, but he did managed to stand up on his board pretty well a few times. Everyone started to get the hang of it as the lesson continued. Even Bride Eileen, who started off by spending more time under the water than above, managed to catch a few waves. Mark highly recommended checking out some surfing if you’re ever at Aulani!

Kelly and Mark: Hawaiian Wedding Traditions

Next up Reverend James Kemo Taylor joined Kelly and Mark to discuss some of the beautiful and significant wedding traditions of Hawaii. The first tradition was one that we saw in the beginning of the show: the Pu (conch) Shell. Similarly to a trumpet, the Pu marks the beginning of an important ceremony. The shell is also blown when the married couple shares their first kiss. Kelly and Mark both tried blowing the shell, but Mark’s effort was much better! Kelly noted that he is weirdly good at everything he tries.

Wedding leis are also important, and were traditionally given from the woman to the man before a proposal, sort of like an engagement ring. The Sand Ceremony was probably originated with the Native Americans, but has since become adopted by Hawaiians. Two different colored sands are poured together by the couple, signifying their union.

Lastly, the ‘Kihei’ is a shawl worn by the minister. Since Mark is an ordained minister, he got to wear the kihei– and even blow the Pu one more time!

Watch to Win Keyword

To have a shot at winning your own trip to the Aulani Resort, enter the answer to the Watch to Win question on the “Live With Kelly” site: What “Breaking Bad” star directed a season 3 episode of “Modern Family?” The answer is Bryan Cranston!


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