Live With Kelly: Mark Consuelos Co-Host


Kelly Ripa and Mark Conseulos: Dog Chuy

On “Live With Kelly” July 23, Kelly Ripa was joined by her husband, actor Mark Consuelos, as guest co-host. The husband and wife duo first chatted about their adorable pup, a Shih-Tzu named Chuy. Their biggest problem with Chuy is that she pees when she gets too excited (a pretty common problem with small dogs). Kelly said that, as soon as they come home and acknowledge her, she rolls over onto her back and pees straight up into the air.

Peeing may be a messy habit, but studies have shown that babies who live with dogs (and, to a lesser degree, cats) are actually healthier than babies who grow up without any pets. The babies with dogs spent fewer weeks with colds and sickness, and also needed less anti-biotics.


Live With Kelly: Mark Conseulos July 23 2012

Husband Mark Conseulos co-hosted "Live With Kelly" on July 23 2012. (Lev Radin /

Kelly said that Mark is the closest thing that she has to a newborn. He said, “You treat me like I can’t function.” Kelly replied, “That’s because you can’t function!” Mark– who was an altar boy as a kid– appealed to a priest sitting in the audience, but to no avail.

Kelly Ripa and Mark Conseulos: Getting Ready

Kelly and Mark discussed the age-old couple dilemma: who takes longer to get ready? Mark said that he takes “35 seconds” to get ready, whereas Kelly always takes a long time. Mark described that he likes to give Kelly less time to get ready, because “women are like contracters;” meaning, if you give them more time, they’ll take more time. Kelly turned to the audience and asked, “did he just say he gives me time?” Like with all couples, it’s an argument that no one will ever win!


Grilling with the Stars: Mike Sorrentino

Mark and Kelly checked up on the Grilling with the Stars contestant, Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino. Mike is the star of the popular MTV reality show, “Jersey Shore.”  Mike was preparing to make his Summer Grilled Chicken with Avocado Salsa Recipe.

Mark and Kelly both wanted to know if the rumors are true: is this the last season of “Jersey Shore?” Mike replied that he wasn’t sure. Mark thinks that, with Snooki now pregnant and getting ready to be married, the show won’t really be the same. Mark and Kelly never miss an episode. Mike thinks that the fate of the show may now be up to the fans.

Live With Kelly: Viewer Emails

A viewer named Angela had a question for Mark, so she wrote into the show via email. Since Mark is a cyclist, she asked for some advice on how to deal with her husband, who rides a three-wheeler with no helmet. When he wears a helmet, he feels “invincible” and does things he shouldn’t. Mark advised that cyclists always wear a helmet, because even going slowly, you can seriously hurt yourself in a fall.

Surf’s Up Summer Trivia: Kristin Chenoweth

The Surf’s Up Summer Trivia question was: what state is actress Kristin Chenoweth originally from? When a caller answered Oklahoma, she won a trip to the Wyndham Grand Orlando Resort in Florida. An audience member also won a set of Lenox China.


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